Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On hacking other people's scripts and node spaghetti!

Here's the current facial setup...

Trying to keep things simple...:)

Not quite ready to release an open facial rig beta but been deep in the depths of nodes trying to make things work well.

So back to hacking things. There's a really sweet script called jsFacialWin (which no one seems to have up currently that I can find for download - it was written by Judd Simantov @ and looks to be working on his website at present).

It's a great way to quickly created joystick controls and connect them to blendShapes or attributes driving poses via pretty elegant nodal trees rather than by expressions (which I frankly find to be a pain to edit and deal with)

Well, what does one do when you want to use this handy dandy connector but don't want to use the joysticks it makes? Great question and one I asked myself last night so I dug in to see what it's actually doing and found  an pretty easy way to high-jack it.

The first step is to identify what the controls it make are. Their hierarchy is as follows:

  • Transform (group) - this moves the control around and give it it's basis for 0 to one values on all axis
    • Control - this is what the animator moves to drive...whatever
Easy enough, all my controls had already been set up that way so by looking at the code and errors it threw when trying to load my control as a driver it became clear how things were working. The key is as follows.

Transform (group)
  1. Name must end with "Grp" - I had been using "_grp" so a simple name change was easy enough
  2. Add a string attribute called "type" 
  3. Look at the jsFacialWin and see which type matches what you want - In my case, my value was "C"
  1. Should be a 0 to 1, -1 to 0 type control.
  2. Name must end with "CircleCtrl"
  3. Add a string attribute called "name"
  4. Input the name of your control without the "CircleCtrl" in the field
You should now be able to select your control, hit the "update" button in the jsFacialWin and it should toggle to your control type. Load up your blendshapes or attributes on the right and connect away.

Now, with that problem solved, it was a simple matter of connecting most of my blendShapes. However I had another problem with my wide shape which I wanted to have very specific values at certain points.

Man this made by brain hurt trying to figure out. I'm sure better riggers out there would have been able to solve it quickly enough (and probably more efficiently), but this seemed to work okay.

See, nice and easy:)

Time to go return the favor and test a new contraint that Scott wrote and after that it's time to revisit the eye rig with the feedback I got.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Monday!

Had a good weekend here in south Texas - my wife made a couple of homemade breads I got to sample, mowing the lawn on Saturday, finally saw Toy Story 3 (beautiful film - darker than I expected), and went for a nice horse back ride last evening with some friends.

What's on the plate for the week? Gonna try get Morphy's face rig completely done. We'll see if it happens.

To start the week off, some great stuff from around the internets....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Morphy Deformation Rig Beta (maya 2009 version)!

First of all, thanks for the great feedback on the eye rig. There were some great thoughts there on how to make the rig even better. Much appreciated. On to the next...

So, this is the beta release for Morphy's facial deformation setup. Here's a quick guide...(if you prefer to just jump in without knowing what things are, skip to the disclaimer and download link at the end)

So, what do we have here?
  • When you open the scene, go ahead and play the timeline. You'll see some quick deformation poses I set so you can get an idea of how things move. There are a series of controls surrounding the face that are being animated.
  • Now, grab the temporary morph joystick and move it around. I made 4 quick morph targets (one of them especially quick but more on that in a sec) and connected them to the control  to make it easy to mess with initially. There is a blendShape node connected to the face that the joystick drives. The four points of the "compass" for the joystick are fat, feminine, SculptMe, and masculine if looking at it starting 'north' and going around the dial clockwise. See how they affect the various deformation poses throughout the timeline. The idea is that part of the customization process will be with the deformation controls and part of it will be via the blendShapes
  • The eyebrows are simply connected via a wrap deformer (please note the polycount on them is quite low). I'm planning on using the same for other customization stuff as well but and open to ideas if you have them.
  • Now to play...
    • There's a quick select set called "qssFaceCustomize" that as all of facial deformation controls in it. I use zooTools set manager to work with Quick select sets and find it to be a very quick workflow. "d" is my hot key and I bring up the menu if I hold it and select my last set if I just hit it once. 
    • Feel free to delete my poses or just add your own after them and see what you can come up with. Start moving them around, scaling them whatever.
    • That SculptMe blendShape is for you to sculpt on without having to add it to the blendshape node though you can feel free to add your own as well on that front.You'll be able to see them if you turn on the layer "MorphTargets"
  • If you want to play with asymmetric facial deformation, open up the expressions editor and comment out or delete my FaceCustomizerExpr and you can just grab those right side joints yourself and break the face to your heart's content.
  • No, the facial rig isn't on this beta. Sorry still working on it:)
  • Yes I know the lids aren't weighted yet on this version
This is the feedback/input I'm looking for on this beta test:
  • Are there enough deformation controls for you? If you'd like more, where would you like them.
  • Would you like some sort of interface to drive the morphs in the customization phase?
  • Would you like precanned types like the quick pass I've done here or would you like it broken down to nose types, chins in a more area-centric fashion
  • Are you happy with only deforming one side of the face and having it mirror across or would your prefer asymmetric deformation ability? 
  • Do you want to have the morphability when you are animating or would you like a "freeze look" function that pulls out unnecessary nodes and what not for speed's sake?
  • Please email feedback to me (see contact page) with a subject line of  "Making Morphy Moldable".

-Call for submissions
The final morphy rig will more than likely be limited on the the morphability side for free with a very low cost "honor system" fee for the full blown rig. I'm not 100% on that yet but am leaning that way as a way of justifying continued character making efforts (which I happen to enjoy quite a bit but doesn't exactly pay the bills). So...anyone providing an asset that makes the cut on rig inclusion will 1) get early access to the final rig, 2) get a credit in the release docs as well as the morphy page on my website with a link to your website and 3) not have to pay anything to get it as my way of saying thanks for taking the time to help this endeavor. What am I looking for?
  • Very cool facial morphs - make a really cool nose, chin or something else I haven't even thought of
  • Customization stuff - Now that you have the base head, you have the basis to make beards, mustaches, hair dos, new eyebrows, glasses, new ears, earrings, monocles or whatever you can think of.
  • Textures - the face is fully UV'd. I'd like to have some different skin types for release. Sure I can paint them but 1) I'm not the best texture artist and 2) I'd rather be working on making the rig awesome. Also, if you don't like my uv layout, feel free to redo it and if it's better I'll substitute it
  • Submissions should be sent to me (see contact page for email addy, don't forget to remove spaces) and a subject line of "Mophy shall be mine!" 
Should you wish to provide something, please make sure the poly count isn't crazy. Look at the ears and eyebrows for an idea of what may not be too much:)

Disclaimer - Without (much) further ado, here's the rig. I'm gonna ask you don't go take my head and use it for other purposes- especially not until I've released the final character and more specifically not commercial ones. However I can't do anything to stop you should you be inclined to do so other than not do these betas which means working in a vacuum which I find to suck. Yes, that was a pun. Yes, I know it's not as funny to point that out. No, I'm not a comedian. /scene

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Can't all you verts just get along?

Blendshape fun

So lesson learned here. At some point when I was sculpting Morphy at the end there I lost symmetry and in doing so made getting my blendshape targets symmetrical nigh to impossible. So I spent most of yesterday restoring symmetry to the base mesh and all the subsequent morph targets. Good times. Current count of morphs is 33 without and left right splitting on the main targets. Most of my facial rigs in the past have been bone based so I'm a bit new to the blendshaped facial workflow.

So new rule is: "When creating a blendshape based facial rig, before beginning to make your final morph targets, CHECK symmetry."

Should you find yourself in a similar predicament, here's some useful tools in this exercise:

  • Silo - why maya doesn't have a calculate and restore symmetry function is beyond me. If it does and I don't know where it is. Don't hesitate to point out my maya modeling newbish self and laugh (preferably as you tell me where that tool might be).
  • abSymMesh - Check symmetry of targets based off of base mesh and restore it
  • Extractblendshapes - Great little script for exporting all the shapes of a blendshape node to new meshes
Now I'm SURE there are better ways to do this but here's what worked.
  1. Make head fixed for symmetry.
  2. Hook up all asymmetrical blendshapes to original asymmetrical head (baseHead).
  3. Hook up symmetry head as blendshape to asymmetrical blendshape node
  4. Turn on symmetry head blendshape channel
  5. Manually duplicate the baseHead as you turn on the blendshape channels one by one (while leaving the symmetry head channel on).
  6. Save all of these new exported shapes into a new scene.
  7. Bring in your symmetrical head as your new base head and use abSymMesh to compare the various shapes to the new base head and restore symmetry to them
  8. Use your symmetrical head as your new base and connect your now symmetrical shapes to this head
  9. Delete all the blendshape meshes
  10. Select the symmetrical base head and run Extractblendshapes to get your new final symmetrical blendshapes
  11. Go look in the mirror and say to yourself, "Don't do this again."
  12. Profit.
Have a nice Saturday all.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

On the elegance of remap nodes....

Typically when I rig I hack the heck out of stuff using expressions and what not. For example, this had been my expression driving lid movement...

//Left Lid connections
eyeRigAttributeHolder.blink_center_left = clamp (0,1, -blink_left_anim.translateY);
eyeRigAttributeHolder.blink_inner_left = clamp (0,1, -blink_left_anim.translateY);
eyeRigAttributeHolder.blink_outer_left = clamp (0,1, -blink_left_anim.translateY);

eyeRigAttributeHolder.upperLid_center_left = clamp (-27, 35, -uprLid_left_anim.translateY * 35);
eyeRigAttributeHolder.upperLid_outer_left = clamp (-25, 25, -outer_uprLid_left_anim.translateY * 25);
eyeRigAttributeHolder.upperLid_inner_left = clamp (-8, 20, -inner_uprLid_left_anim.translateY * 20);

eyeRigAttributeHolder.lowerLid_center_left = clamp ( -12, 21, -lwrLid_left_anim.translateY * 21);
eyeRigAttributeHolder.lowerLid_outer_left = clamp ( -14, 12, -outer_lwrLid_left_anim.translateY * 20);
eyeRigAttributeHolder.lowerLid_inner_left = clamp ( -5, 12, -inner_lwrLid_left_anim.translateY * 12);

//adds rotation on the center eyelid skin joints for bend in the eyelid and is then negated by the blink so things seal up
left_uprLid_skin_jnt.rotateZ = uprLid_left_anim.rotateZ - (uprLid_left_anim.rotateZ * -blink_left_anim.translateY);
left_lwrLid_skin_jnt.rotateZ = lwrLid_left_anim.rotateZ - (lwrLid_left_anim.rotateZ * -blink_left_anim.translateY);

//left eyelid group follows the eye
eyelid_left_rig_grp.rotateY = left_eye_skin_jnt.rotateY * .2;
uprEyelid_left_rig_grp.rotateX = clamp (-35, 10, left_eye_skin_jnt.rotateX + (eyeRigAttributeHolder.blink_center_left * 35)) ;

//joint following
//left_uprFan_jnt.rotateX = left_uprLid_jnt.rotateX * .7;
//left_outerUprLid_jnt.rotateX = left_uprLid_jnt.rotateX * .7;
That's a bit of a mess and a major pain to edit for the user and wanting to follow in Shleifer's Animator Friendly rigging principles I looked into a bit of a more elegant solution and learned to love remap nodes in the process.

So with a bid of elbow grease and heavily modifying Doublestein's eyelid joint setup by adding new attributes and some new doodads everything connects in one nice little script.

Here's a chunk of that code...
//connecteding eyelid controls -jb
string $uprLidMovementRemap = `createNode remapValue -n ("remapUprLidMovement"+$location+$side)`;
setAttr ( $uprLidMovementRemap+".inputMin") -1;
connectAttr ($uprLidControl+".ty") ($uprLidMovementRemap+".inputValue");
connectAttr ($uprLidUprLimit) ($uprLidMovementRemap+".outputMax");
connectAttr ($uprLidLwrLimit) ($uprLidMovementRemap+".outputMin");
connectAttr ($uprLidMovementRemap+".outValue") ($uprLidMover);

string $lwrLidMovementRemap = `createNode remapValue -n ("remapLwrLidMovement"+$location+$side)`;
setAttr ( $lwrLidMovementRemap+".inputMin") -1;
connectAttr ($lwrLidControl+".ty") ($lwrLidMovementRemap+".inputValue");
connectAttr ($lwrLidUprLimit) ($lwrLidMovementRemap+".outputMax");
connectAttr ($lwrLidLwrLimit) ($lwrLidMovementRemap+".outputMin");
connectAttr ($lwrLidMovementRemap+".outValue") ($lwrLidMover);

//Blink setup - jb
string $blinkmdNode = `createNode multiplyDivide -n ("BlinkmdNode"+$location+$side)`;
connectAttr ($blinkControl+".ty") ($blinkmdNode+".input1X");
setAttr ($blinkmdNode+".input2X") -1;
connectAttr ($blinkmdNode+".outputX") ($blinkMover);
It's also pretty cool in that there's now attributes sitting on a control that you can mess with to tweak the range of the lid movement by the controls. Pretty nifty.

Now I'd really like to buckle down and learn some python but if I'm gonna finish Morphy anytime soon, it'll have to wait.

Beta Eye Rig is Maya 2009 safe!

Found a pretty easy way of getting my weights over when I was playing with some different joint orientations for the eyelid control stuff. It was especially easy since the face was UV'd.  That being said, here is a more compatible version of the beta eye rig for Morphy. I also added a rotation control on the middle eyelid movers for even more flexibility.

Also wanted to mention what I neglected to earlier. I'm using my good friend Scott Engert's eye setup and John Doublestein's eyelid method (with some extra stuff on it). I updated his (awesome) script to be able to account for multiple eyelid joints and if anyone wants that I'll ping him and see if he minds. 

Time for bed. Tomorrow I'm moving back to the rest of the face while I wait for some feedback on this.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Morphy Eye Rig Open Beta...

Looking for a few good animators (with Maya 2011 preferably)....apparently the new maya has a completely new skinning paradigm that blows up in old versions of maya (though everything else works). I'm afraid I don't have time to reskin it for the test in an older version though I shall be doing Morphy's final skin in an older version if I can't find a work around for that. So, down to business.

Here's  a key to the controls. What I'm looking for is feedback on:

  • Control positions and feel - I've been planning on doing the whole rig being "on face" as is apparent in the quick test on the whole face last week.
  • Specifically the FK eye control position - try it where it is, then select it, pickwalk up once to it's transform group and snap that to the locator in front of the eye to try it there.
  • Blend between the fk and ik setups and see what you think of the iris/pupil and fk/ik blend moving between the two. I thought it was kind of a nice way of seeing what you're using (though I'll have a visibility toggle as well)
  • Does anyone actually know a good way to get maya 2011 skin open in an older version of maya? If it's an issue I probably need to shift development to an older version.
  • Please email me your feedback with the subject line of "Morphy has his eyes on you"
  • If you have an older version of maya, you can open it fine back to 2008, just delete the skin or hide it.
  • It's a quick skin
  • The right side stuff is only partially setup, so feel free to mess with it but half of it's broken:)
To my few readers who check often enough, thanks ahead of time if you can take a look. To my mom who reads this as well, I'm afraid you probably can't help on this one though if you wanted to make me some fried okra next time I'm home we'll call it even.


Spring 2010 Demo Reelage...

Found some time to update the ole' reel. Added some Psyop work, the latest Garden City work and cut a couple of things on the last one. Getting Morphy done can't come too soon. I needs me some more lip sync on there. So sad that I have SO MUCH lip sync footage from Midway that's just facial animation only and thus worthless for a full body keyframe reel.

Ah well.

Morphy is coming along fine. Got his eye and lid rig working for the most part. Gonna post another post in a bit to try and get some beta testing on the eye rig.

Until next time!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Morphy's Head is UV'd...

...And it's not at all visible at any point in this post. So you'll have to trust me on that one.

So, what are you lookin at here? Lemme tell ya:

  • First 140 frames are just a simple cycle of poses
  • After that, the same cycle continues till the end only now I've added facial customization control animation on top of it.
  • Only the left side face controls are on there and connected to (unsplit) facial blendshapes while I'm polishing the poses)
  • All three heads are exactly the same rig, only I've toggled some visibility to make things clear. The blue controls on the left are facial deformation controls that you can use to scale and move different parts of the face. The green and yellow controls are regular animation controls that you'd use when doing facial. The right side will be the same as the green ones, only mirrored and red.
  • I may still add a few more controls as well for some more things I've been thinking about adding. Such as...
    • Lip corner compress
    • Eye squeeze
    • Middle lip controls
Man, some of this stuff is taking a while to get working the way I want. Getting the jaw's movement to scale with the mouth shrinking was especially contentious.

What's next?
  1. Eye rig - this is gonna be a bit tricky as well because I'm moving the eye around but I think I have a good plan of attack on that.
  2. Polishing poses for the facial rig and then creating the left/right variants.
  3. Tongue rig
  4. Making deformation morphs - noses, lips, and other such things
  5. .....finish the body rig at some point:)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joint Based Deformation Controls and a final head...

FINALLY got happy enough with a head to call it final. Here's a semi polished range of motion with Face Machine only work on it. I'll have to do a good bit of sculpting and tweaking to get things where I need them but I'm happy with the base deformation at least....

The funky little anomolies in the range of motion are the breakdowns (upr/lwr lip variations).

Now to the good stuff. So I posted a test a few days back where I was looking at what morph only based deformation could do for facial variation. I know that can work but wanted to have better flexibility and control for the end user that would be funner than just grabbing sliders. So today I decided to experiment with a joint based inital facial deformation system that will get the user 85% there on the facial tweak which can then have some morph tweaks (new noses, etc) added or they can sculpt on it if they like. I've been LOVING the maya relax polys mode with the sculpting brush to get good geometry distribution.

At this point I'm thinking workflow will be for the user to do these tweaks at world center away from their animation and drive the tweaks to the facial rig that attached to the body rig but I'm not sold on that yet. Tomorrow should nothing crazy come up, I'll be working on on an initial pass at hooking up facial poses to controls to start testing things.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Can't leave well enough alone...

This is quick down and dirty test as proof of concept to see how the facial feature morphing will work with the actual pose blendshapes. Yes, the shapes need a lot of polish. The generics coming from Face Machine are doing some funky stuff under the lower lip and on the upper as well in the smile. For the most part I'm thinking it's gonna work great and I have plans as to how the user will be able to move the eyes, brow and mouth that I have yet to implement.

In the above, all are a referenced animated "rig" which I then turned on the whole face morph on the faces on the left and right.

So yeah, I messed the snot out of the head playing with planes of the face and what not. There's things I like about the new one and things I don't. The hope is that the customization will be able to get to a wide variety of looks. One issue is for the maximum flexibilty, the base has to be a bit more boring than I'd hoped. Pretty happy with how it's moving aside from the brow. Really prefer the the amount of movement I was getting in the first range of motion I posted last week.

Thanks to David Bokser on the feedback and the ideas for how to be able to do a blendshape rig vs a joint based one (which I had been leaning towards).

Other stuff I've been playing with:

  • Iris/Pupil variation - played with bout a joint based system and morph based one. Ended up going with the morph based one to make scaling easier and for the customization stuff I was wanting to do.
  • Attaching eyebrows/beards, etc  - Looking like just a wrap deformer is gonna work on this front
  • Moving facial features - planning on using a heirarchy of "mover joints" with good natural fall off.
  • Big facial morphs - like in the above vid - I made a "girlish" morph as well as a more "manly" one. I'm trying to think through if it would be better to have a couple of those or go wild and break it down to nose big/small, head variations, etc or if people would prefer just to have a hook up to do their own customizations. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
In other news, the bass were hitting the buzz bait like champs on Saturday. Not so much on Sunday.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Morphy Facial ROM v01

Trying to be better about keeping notes at the behest of Jason via Animator Friendly Rigging. Been using Google notebook so I have my notes wherever I am workin. If it's useful to anyone to see process or my idiocy, I'll be happy to post em:)

Here's the ones from today...

  • First pass of poses in the face machine
  • Finally happy with sculpt of head
  • Another pass of 060_010_010 - hoping to be final
To fix on face machine setup:
  • Look at Skull deformation geometry - brow is sliding past where it should
  • Make some new attempts on smile crease placer to get better deformation
  • Note - will have to manually create eye crease shape as TFM doesn't have controls to get to close to it
To fix on head model (v03):
  • Lip corners need work  - reference Stop Staring chapter for better layout ideas
  • Model mouth interior
  • Shrink teeth size to match geometry shift made in Rom file
  • Model or scrounge some teeth (Perok, Henry?)
  • Don't forget - grab hand and leg fixes from last body rig version
  • Possibly make version of head with eyelids closed to see if better shapes are possible out of TFM
  • Tracking teeth placement  - instead of including teeth in deformed geometry look into rivot type contraint to follow a couple of faces that are fully influence by the jaw. Could potentially create empty groups for folks to put whatever teeth geometry in for replacement.
  • Should eyebrows be apart of deformation mesh....?

Also, here's the latest version of that last GC shot - put in a bit more polish over the past few days....part of me would like to go back and polish some of my early GC shots but I think I'll work on Morphy to get a character other that a Garden city one on my reel:)

Fresh from the Internets!

More amazing things falling out of animation land...

  • First up, hailing from Canada - Shaz Lym's Mr fresh! And that's an awesome name Mr. Lym. Almost as cool as my Marine buddy of old - the one and only Cisco Schaff.

  • Man the new Rapunzel Tangled trailer looks perty - check it!
  • More from that amazing school in France....geez, these guys....

To the Face Machine!

He looks kinda like that old horror movie "pinhead" character with all the things stickin out his face...

So I've been resculpting the face umpteen thousand times over the past few days. I'm finally pretty close to what I want so I'm gonna throw it into Face Machine to see how it's deforming. It's a pretty sweet app for checking a head deformation. Half hour of setup and you can pretty much get any pose you want out of it. Something isn't working well? Well go back and fix the model, rerun the rig maker and you have an updated look at how things are blendshaping up. I'd think about using it for the actual facial rig but 1) it's a bit heavy and 2) users have to have special nodes installed.

At first glance, Face Machine is a bit pricey. However for the amount of time it saves me in creating my base set of facial blendshapes I find it well worth the price. I am however, not much a fan of the the cost for their upgrades to new versions of maya. If you're not doing anything more than making the existing plugin work in the new version of Maya just give it to your customers or charge a lot less. It's a bit annoying having to shift back to Maya 2008 to run it. Silo and Zbrush have much more aggreeable upgrade paths.

My most recent workflow on rigging faces the past few times has been:

  1. Model head.
  2. Put in face machine, setup  and create the face.
  3. Make a referenced range of motion file on the face to see how things are looking.
  4. If I don't like how things are deforming I 1) go back and tweak the model or 2) go to my setup file and move things around if I think it's a pivot issue.
  5. Tweak out the blendshapes in Silo of Maya with some surface sculpting
  6. Use the range of motion file to export my blendshape Obj's
  7. Make my right/left blends in a new file 
  8. Rig things up to my osipa style setup
  9. Profit
It's been a pretty good workflow over the past few characters I've done. I've actually been really suprised as I was able to use it for Lobstery and Squirrely both and they're not very humanesque. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Calling all Masters of Disguise!

Looking for some input for some potential Morpheus customization options. Here's what I came up with last night when I should have been going to bed (it shows).

Here's an image to use should you choose to participate in this exercise. Hair, nose, eye placement whatever is in play. Think as far outside the box as you like and I'll see if I can make it work.

Send your entries to me (you can find my email addy on the contact page, don't forget to remove the spaces) and please put your subject line as "Make Mine Morphy!"

If you don't submit an entry you waive your right to complain when Morpheus is released to the public:)

Back to learning how to create matching controls for FK/IK setups!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finished up his hands and legs today. The screen grab on either do the complexity of Jason's methods no justice (much less the coolness) of it. Really love the hand ik usage in the rig for some complex poses.

I'm interested to see how he handles fk/ik snapping in the next part (4b).

Trying to decide if I should finish the body rig or move back to the face for a bit to give this stuff some time to gel or if it would be better to stay in the learning zone for a bit longer...there's still some of the stuff I'm just following along cause I have no idea what's going on.

On to the last part!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Morphy Update...

One arm and no legs! At least Tiko had two arms...:)

Just wrapped up part IIIb of Jason Schleifer's fantastic series. Man my head hurts from all the stuff he's been covering. It gonna take doing it multiple times to really have it sink in. However, Morphy is slowly moving towards animate-ability. 

The head still isn't final but much closer. Gonna finish up the body rig before finaling the head. at the very least I'm gonna have to remodel his lids and mouth for better edgeloops.

Some of the few things I learned I'd never tried before in maya:
  • What shape nodes are and how replacing them can do neato things.
  • "cntrl h" to hide stuff 
  • "g" will repeat the last command
  • Writing set driven keys with mel
  • Jason has SO MANY great scripts that will find a permanent place on my personal rigging shelf
Yup, 6 years with the app and still a newb.

Say, if any modelers out there wanna help out. I'm gonna need some help creating hair styles, glasses, etc for customization.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Had a nice relaxing Monday fishing, hanging with friends, grilling and making some homemade ice cream.

Here's a sweet short trailer I ran across this morning on the internets. Love the look.

On to the fingers!

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