Monday, December 20, 2010

Have a very Morphy Christmas!

See what you can come up with:)

There comes a time when you just have to "stick a fork in it" and this is it. Some of the stuff I wanted to do I'm gonna hold of till 2.0. But for now Morpheus 1.0 is done and released. Now. 

Get it on the Morpheus project page as usual:)

Additions in this release pack:
  • The file I used to render the above teaser so you can get some ideas on how to push the customization stuff. Can't wait to see how you push it even more.
  • Latest head rig as always for those tinkerers out there
  • All necessary quick selects sets are in scene in a group so you don't have to worry about bringing them in when "tinkering"
  • Both release candidates in case you have animations referencing them
  • New finger/hand poses and new joints for more "meaty" poses.
  • Hand blendshapes
    • Accessible via the hand objects in the Morph-o-matic ui mode
  • Ear animation controls
  • Nose tip mover
  • COG prop space object and switching
  • Parts proxy mesh which enables you to turn off arms and legs and stuff - sorry it's a bit of a hack till I can completely modulize the rig
    • Accessible via the all_anim
  • Polished and pushed face poses (brows, eye squeeze)
  • TONS of fixes that I don't remember them all...:)

  • Rotation order fixes were made on the hand ik controls. It will gimp any ik hand keys you have so if you're in the middle of an animation and don't wanna deal with it. Use the last release rig.

What's next?

I'm gonna chill till new years and put together a plan of attack to try to gin up some remote rigging work and pushing my skillset in that area as well. Python shall be tamed in 2011!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where on earth have you been, Morphy?!

He's comin - I assure you. And sooner than you might think (if you were thinking next week that is). Life has gotten busy the last few weeks but that doesn't mean there's not more Morphy fixes and updates than I can remember. Here's a tease of some of them....

  • Hand blendshapes for for flexibility
  • New hand sdk stuff to make hands more meaty!
  • Hideable parts on the rig (i.e. no legs, left leg only, whatever). Also - hideable parts retain morphing.
  • LOTS of polish and pushing of shapes
  • Nose tip mover
  • Ear controls
  • Partridge in a pear tree (if you were good this year)
My beta testers are looking at things now to make sure I didn't blow anything up. So keep an eye out:)

In the meantime, here's the best of what I could find on the internet using Morphy:

And a lot of fun entries from 11 second club's contest last month. Keep pushin him peeps! Here's a few:
Keep your peepers peeled!

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