Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Morphy Update...

One arm and no legs! At least Tiko had two arms...:)

Just wrapped up part IIIb of Jason Schleifer's fantastic series. Man my head hurts from all the stuff he's been covering. It gonna take doing it multiple times to really have it sink in. However, Morphy is slowly moving towards animate-ability. 

The head still isn't final but much closer. Gonna finish up the body rig before finaling the head. at the very least I'm gonna have to remodel his lids and mouth for better edgeloops.

Some of the few things I learned I'd never tried before in maya:
  • What shape nodes are and how replacing them can do neato things.
  • "cntrl h" to hide stuff 
  • "g" will repeat the last command
  • Writing set driven keys with mel
  • Jason has SO MANY great scripts that will find a permanent place on my personal rigging shelf
Yup, 6 years with the app and still a newb.

Say, if any modelers out there wanna help out. I'm gonna need some help creating hair styles, glasses, etc for customization.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Had a nice relaxing Monday fishing, hanging with friends, grilling and making some homemade ice cream.

Here's a sweet short trailer I ran across this morning on the internets. Love the look.

On to the fingers!


jason said...

glad you're enjoying the material, josh!! I love seeing people take this stuff and really go to town with it. :)

Josh Bowman said...

Thanks for sharing your insights with the world Josh :) bookmarked!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jason for the great materials!

Glad you're enjoying it Josh:)

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