Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yes, the internet just might be a mind numbing ray of distraction.

So, lately I've been thinking that perhaps those studies that say the internet is rewiring us aren't as ridiculous as I used to think. I have no idea how much time I've lost checking email, new sites, or my favorite blogs. It's a lot. I don't even realize I'm doing it half the time. One moment I'm working away on something, the next I'm reading about the latest stupid thing Washington DC has cooked up and I'm not really sure how I got there. Lately, I'm realizing more and more how uncomfortable I've become with silence.

That makes me uncomfortable.

Thinking back, I just used to be much more content to sit and think. To work days on end without pandora blaring or some show I've seen uncounted times streaming on Netflix or Hulu to provide that noise my brain now apparently expects. In my early adult years, I was in the Marine Corps and I would stand post for hours at a time with nothing but my imagination to keep me company. If todays' me was stuck on post for an 8 hour shift I think I'd go nutty.

We have so many distractions at our finger tips - a world of knowledge in our pockets and we sit around watching the latest this or that or flinging birds at pigs, or tweeting #boredom. I am proud to say I've yet to tweet a peep (though my good buddy Bokser did open an account in my name and tweet as me for a bit at one point).

What would it be like to grow up with this? I think I'd have attention issues too. It makes me fear for kids today. Having none of my own yet and being as selfish as the next person, it makes me think of me.

I don't like that so much either. #narcissist

It's an especially hard thing as the internet provides access to so much knowledge and expertise. It's where I get my gig's from and how I communicate with clients, friends and the like.Maybe it's a matter of finding ways to sip it with a straw rather than sticking one's face under the deluge of Niagra Internet.

When you come to places in life where you don't like where you've been going, it's probably best to make some changes, and I'm making an conscious effort over the next month to unplug.

If nothing else, maybe Morpheus 2 will get done quicker.

p.s. If you missed it, I really don't know how to hashtag. I'm okay with that.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy February

First up, here's a teaser for a film my friend Hugo is working on :

In other news, there some scary stuff going on right now with my pals in the vfx and film industries, been thinking about you all. The world is changing and it may well be harder for us to find a living doing this.

In some happier news, the new 9 old men flip book collection is awesome and Morpheus 2 progress is coming along great.

Also, the film my buddies Matt and Bokser have been making for the past several years is almost done and will be on the the festival circuit soon. Had the pleasure of doing layout and animating a chunk of it a few years back. So very exciting.

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