Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Can't leave well enough alone...

This is quick down and dirty test as proof of concept to see how the facial feature morphing will work with the actual pose blendshapes. Yes, the shapes need a lot of polish. The generics coming from Face Machine are doing some funky stuff under the lower lip and on the upper as well in the smile. For the most part I'm thinking it's gonna work great and I have plans as to how the user will be able to move the eyes, brow and mouth that I have yet to implement.

In the above, all are a referenced animated "rig" which I then turned on the whole face morph on the faces on the left and right.

So yeah, I messed the snot out of the head playing with planes of the face and what not. There's things I like about the new one and things I don't. The hope is that the customization will be able to get to a wide variety of looks. One issue is for the maximum flexibilty, the base has to be a bit more boring than I'd hoped. Pretty happy with how it's moving aside from the brow. Really prefer the the amount of movement I was getting in the first range of motion I posted last week.

Thanks to David Bokser on the feedback and the ideas for how to be able to do a blendshape rig vs a joint based one (which I had been leaning towards).

Other stuff I've been playing with:

  • Iris/Pupil variation - played with bout a joint based system and morph based one. Ended up going with the morph based one to make scaling easier and for the customization stuff I was wanting to do.
  • Attaching eyebrows/beards, etc  - Looking like just a wrap deformer is gonna work on this front
  • Moving facial features - planning on using a heirarchy of "mover joints" with good natural fall off.
  • Big facial morphs - like in the above vid - I made a "girlish" morph as well as a more "manly" one. I'm trying to think through if it would be better to have a couple of those or go wild and break it down to nose big/small, head variations, etc or if people would prefer just to have a hook up to do their own customizations. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
In other news, the bass were hitting the buzz bait like champs on Saturday. Not so much on Sunday.

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