Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beta Eye Rig is Maya 2009 safe!

Found a pretty easy way of getting my weights over when I was playing with some different joint orientations for the eyelid control stuff. It was especially easy since the face was UV'd.  That being said, here is a more compatible version of the beta eye rig for Morphy. I also added a rotation control on the middle eyelid movers for even more flexibility.

Also wanted to mention what I neglected to earlier. I'm using my good friend Scott Engert's eye setup and John Doublestein's eyelid method (with some extra stuff on it). I updated his (awesome) script to be able to account for multiple eyelid joints and if anyone wants that I'll ping him and see if he minds. 

Time for bed. Tomorrow I'm moving back to the rest of the face while I wait for some feedback on this.

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