Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Morphy Eye Rig Open Beta...

Looking for a few good animators (with Maya 2011 preferably)....apparently the new maya has a completely new skinning paradigm that blows up in old versions of maya (though everything else works). I'm afraid I don't have time to reskin it for the test in an older version though I shall be doing Morphy's final skin in an older version if I can't find a work around for that. So, down to business.

Here's  a key to the controls. What I'm looking for is feedback on:

  • Control positions and feel - I've been planning on doing the whole rig being "on face" as is apparent in the quick test on the whole face last week.
  • Specifically the FK eye control position - try it where it is, then select it, pickwalk up once to it's transform group and snap that to the locator in front of the eye to try it there.
  • Blend between the fk and ik setups and see what you think of the iris/pupil and fk/ik blend moving between the two. I thought it was kind of a nice way of seeing what you're using (though I'll have a visibility toggle as well)
  • Does anyone actually know a good way to get maya 2011 skin open in an older version of maya? If it's an issue I probably need to shift development to an older version.
  • Please email me your feedback with the subject line of "Morphy has his eyes on you"
  • If you have an older version of maya, you can open it fine back to 2008, just delete the skin or hide it.
  • It's a quick skin
  • The right side stuff is only partially setup, so feel free to mess with it but half of it's broken:)
To my few readers who check often enough, thanks ahead of time if you can take a look. To my mom who reads this as well, I'm afraid you probably can't help on this one though if you wanted to make me some fried okra next time I'm home we'll call it even.


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mattanimation said...

i'll check it out on my mac at work tomorrow morning.

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