Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Showers brings MORCy!

Morphy Tip of the Month - Seems like some folks are having trouble hitting b/m/p. Don't forget that there's a lip sealer control that rides along with the jaw. Give it a go! Also, seriously... roll those shoulders down:)

An orc from Vitor

Some great animations I stumbled across or had sent in...

from Juan Couto (thanks for tagging it so I could find it). Fantastic mod!

from Bhavin for an iAnimate assignment

Some motion capture work from Josh in Tennessee

Some of last month's 11 second club entries:
Also, just found out I'm gonna be pegged on a gig through June and I couldn't be more excited. SO COOL....better get my posting out this week!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Project M (for March!)...

Greetings internets! Wrapped up my gig on Friday and so glad to be done. Feelin a bit crispy. It was however a great experience working with a new concept - building projection. For those of you that haven't seen it, it entails projecting to a surface (often a building) whereby you do creative things with the surface to make it appear 3d for the audience. It was my what I expect to be the first of many with the TVP (a company based right here in Houston).

Looking forward to being able to show some of it. Here's some quick tidbits of my portion.
  • 5 weeks of production
  • Created template based rigging system for rigging the assets with body following, fin dynamics and auto swim functionality
  • Modeled and rigged 4 creatures and rigged one more
  • ~ 110 seconds of animation with aquatic creatures
  • New python scripts written:
    • createCurveFromJoints - self explanatory
    • createJointChainsFromLoftSurface - makes joint chains from a nurbs surface
    • attachJointChainToSurface - attaches joint chains to nurbs surfaces
    • makeChainsDynamic - makes input joint chains dynamic, connected to the same system and names everything intelligently
    • createDistanceNodeBetweenPosInfoNodes - creates measure nodes between position info nodes for measuring stuff on surfaces (like joint lengths!)
    • getClosestUV - finds the closest UV on a surface to an input object
    • getClosestCV - finds the closest CV on a curve to an input object
    • getClosestObjToCV - find the closest object from a list to an input CV
    • bbFish.finRigger, bbFish.rigSpine. bbFish.fixPoleVectorsCauseJoshIsAMoron (this was a good one:)
Spring means student films! So much talent out's some great ones.
  • Rain

  • Thursday

  • From Sheridan

  • And a sweet lookin maya plugin to top it off...

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