Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yes, I have been working...

...And man, 2d camera moves and moving characters through space is hard (especially when you haven't ever really done it or worked in a 2d production pipeline). This is where I'm at on a promo piece I'm doing with some buddies at Portland Studios. Initially I just started working in flash but I realized there was no way I was capable of doing that by hand. So, I animated the layout on a large format, and then moved my camera around it in flash. I'll clean things up as I tie down the details in the next flash pass. If anyone knows a better workflow, I'm all ears. :) We're still looking on final look but for the most part Cory wants to keep things rough.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Couple of great films I came across...

Both from students out of Cal Arts. Need to get me some of that water...

...on, and flash is hard....

Thanks to everyone who's sent emails on Squirrely. Glad you like him:)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Space Girl...

Watch out for Ruxpin.
This is my first entry into the Drawergeeks drawing club. Perhaps a little uninspired, but it works! I'm gonna try to be more proactive on drawing more.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jack and Inar...

Who's Jack and who is Inar? Well, Jack is the boy above and you'll have to wait to see Inar down the road. I started working on my collaborative project with Cory this week. First thing was to play with seeing if I can draw in his style. This was the first attempt I felt hit it. We'll see if Cory agrees. Working through the animatic now and hopefully we'll have something to show before too long. I have a tinge of worry that this project is beyond my traditional animation muscles but that's what stetching is for, no? Oh, for an animation desk... Progress might be a little slow next week as my beautiful better half is off and wants to do stuff other than animate:) After this project it's back to Garden City unless another freelance or work opportunity sweeps me away.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Squirrely Bounces into the Wild!

Version 1.0 is out! Catch him while you can:)

Squirrely is a free rig for noncommercial use only. I wanted a "ball like" character with a tail to play with for animation tests and Squirrely came into being.


  • Body Rigged with The Setup Machine 2
    • Stetchy IK Spine
    • FK/IK Switchable Arms and Legs
    • Limb mirroring
    • Auto/Manual Stretch limbs
    • Character Sets Set up for proper keying
    • Tail/Ear Controls
    • Finger/Toe FK/IK
    • LowRes Proxy Geometryy mode for faster playback
    • Character scaleable via master control
    • Hideable tail via "COG"
    • Face Camera
  • Facial rig
    • Limited yet functional facial rig
    • FK/IK Eye Rig - set up via my good friend Scott Englert's Tutorial
    • Eyelid Tracking/Blinking Control - setup via John Doublestein's Tutorial


  • EyeBlend Control transitions between Joystick/look at control for the eyes
  • Use the character sets - one of my nit picks with the setup machine is that the FK/IK swich attributes are located on the COG control. As such, having limited keying sets via selection sets or quickselection sets is a hassle. The characters sets make sure you key all the appropriate attributes
  • FK/IK Arms and Leg switching accessed via the TSM controls
  • Mirroring accessed via TSM Controls


  • I'm not great at shading/texturing. If anyone wants to come up with some slicker stuff you want incorporated, lemme know.
  • Tag animations you do with him as "Squirrely" on YouTube, Vimeo or the like. I'd like to see em.
  • Have fun:)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Demo Reel - Spring 2009

Well, it's about time. I've finally updated my reel. It's mostly comprised of Garden City work along with the lip sync and Squirrely animations I did over the last couple of weeks. I am currently seeking temporary/contractual onsite or remote work as an animator in film, game or commercial work and am also open to full time employment opportunities in the Austin/Houston, TX areas. A higher res version of my reel can be found at the "Reel" link up top. Resume is up to date as well. Next week, I'm working on a project with Cory. Can't wait! Also, Squirrely is in prerelease. If you wanna test/play with him, gimme a shout via comment.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Squirrely in HD!

Just press the HD button on the full screen mode. This was as far as I needed to get for some anim on the demo reel, I'll swing back and get him over to the acorn when I have the time. Demo reel incoming shortly:)

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