Sunday, October 17, 2010

From "Sunny" San Diego...

Actually it's pretty drizzly which my friends here tell me is an anomaly. Go figure. Got checked in at the gig on Friday and am gonna hopefully start pulling my weight come Monday. Great bunch of guys ("guys" includes the girls as well) here and looking forward to the gig.

Had a few emails on an issue with the Morphy scripts and wanted to provide some clarity there. In order to use the add mesh scripts you need to run the "tinkerers" qss script from the qss folder. I covered it in the vid but apparently wasn't as clear as I could have been. Again, I removed the qss's from the rig to keep the outliner clean. However, I got a tip from a guy on how I might be able to group qss's and so I'll give that a shot when I get back to the batcave. Keep your notes comin!

What else....

  • Hodaddy's burger joint in San Diego is awesome. I recommend the single bacon cheese burger and chocolate shake. If you go for lunch you'll wanna skip dinner. Possibly breakfast.
  • "Red" was a fun guy flick though I'd recommend a rental
  • Don't walk on friends patio barefoot unless you check for charcoal dust first otherwise you'll spend the next 30 minutes with some paper towels and a bottle of resolve. :)
  • Google maps isn't always right. My should have been 2 mile walk turned into 10. Ah well, needed the exercise.
That is all. Burton out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Morpheus Release Candidate v2!

Download the latest on the Morpheus Project page.

This will be the last Morpheus Update for probably a month or so cause of a gig I'm startin. I'm still not considering this a "final" Morpheus release and won't to so until 1) I'm able to animate scene and make sure everything is working as intended or 2) I see a few scenes other people do and they don't have any rig issues. If you find errors, please email me your issue with the following info:
  • Email subject line of "Bad Morphy!" so I can find it easily:)
  • Maya version (only 2009 and above supported)
  • OS
  • Preferably a referenced scene file so I can see your issue
  • Detailed description of what happened.
There's still a couple of bugs I've gotten that I can't replicate and I wanna squash em before a "final" release. Oh, I also updated my site with the project I worked on last month (though I still can't show footage yet) - "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore."

Morpheus Release Candidate v2

  • Until I can figure out a better way of lockin off a few things. Toggle off joint selectability or just turn off their visibility so you don't accidentally select them. 

Facial Rig
  • New mouth twist shape on mouth move anim
  • New lwr lip up for a better lip sneer
  • Wider mouth wide shapes
  • Pushed chin out more (good bit more actually)
  • Weighting update
  • Fixed bug in scaling of eye rig
  • Pushed chin wide more
Body Rig
  • Lots of rotation order fixes
  • Twist fix on the wrist courtesy of my good friend Scott Englert
  • Changed how the mid spine control was influenced so that the hips were more isolated. Will probably swing back when I figure out how I wanna rig spines for more hip isolation
  • Weighting polish on the body
  • Scripts updated to work with referencing and some error checking as well
  • More intelligent weighting updater
  • jbMorpheusBodyCustomGeoBaker - New - Body baker similar to the facial geo baker. 
  • jbMorpheusAddBodyGeo - New - Body adder. If you create a new body mesh and wanna use it instead. Easy peasy.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Morpheus 104 - The Shelf!

Just had a last minute gig land and so I'm gonna be away from the bat cave for awhile. This is the last vid I'll do for a bit but wanted to give a quick overview on the updated Morpheus shelf and script updates. I'm prepping the next release this afternoon so check back later this evening and it should be up. All kinds of updates. Check back lata!

Update - Found a bug I wanna squash before release. It'll be tomorrow. Sorry, peeps!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Morpheus 103 - Blendshape That!

Quick demo on workflow for working with the facial rig blendshapes and some insights on connecting things up for those interested in lookin beneath the hood. 

Been sick the last few days so haven't been making as good of progress as I'd like but making some progress nonetheless. Bout done with the rig fixes and movin on to scripting. Woot!

Sorry for the stumbling through things in the vid a bit, like I said not feeling 100%.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Morpheus 102 - Customization...

Morpheus Rig 102- "Making Morphy Your Own" - you can also download this vid on Vimeo :)

Found some time today to make another training vid. Hope it answers some more questions. If anything isn't clear by all means let me know. Sorry it's so long.

So what's left for Morpheus before final release?
  • Additions
    • Adding upr/lwr outer lip movement to make Rick's sneer lips
    • Adding rotation on the mouth mover
    • Forgot the snapping script icons
  • Scripts
    • Make the scripts work with referencing
    • New script - for adding custom body geo that will work with the body morphing
    • New script - for saving out face settings
  • Fixes
    • Rotation order issues in a couple of places
    • Wrist rotation fixes - courtesy of my good friend Scott Englert who is so awesome he gave me a script to fix it
    • Some Weighting polish
    • Lock off selection on geo and joints
    • Double transformation on some of the hair
Have a good one all!

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