Saturday, June 11, 2005

Another week, entry

It was a good week-nothing crazy good or bad. Picked up another freelance gig which should be fun. A little cg add-on ladybug for a live action movie that filmed here in Savannah. My buddy Jon and I are gonna handle that. He's heading off to Europe for one last quarter before letting go of his school days, so hopefully we can get his match move knocked out early in the week. Made some good progress on a spot I'm doing for a little studio up in New York. I'm pumped to get to play with Tiko again. I'm grateful for the chance to work on some freelance gigs that involve some animation instead of just design. Good stuff, but gonna be a busy few weeks. I've been trying to decide what to spend my gift certificate money (grad gift from my brother and his wife, though the fact that its for a game store leads me to think my brother was making the call on that one...thanks, Mike!). I've been fighting the call of Azeroth for a long, long it time to give in.....? I gotta say Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends has to be my new favorite cartoon. The get so much antic, squash and stretch and just fun-to-watch animation in the simple style, that you just gotta love it. That and, Bloo is selfishly awesome...he cracks me up. Had a good phone interview with a company and heard from some others. One is flying me out this week which I'm excited about. All of my packages have arrived at the studios I sent them out to, so I guess I'm in the waiting game to see if I get any responses there. All the responses so far have still been from posting on the web, so I guess that's a good way to go to get some response for my fellow job seekers.

Friday, June 3, 2005

Good news all around...

This morning, I read the blog (see "I got a rock") of a friend of mine who has been having some major bad luck. Things have been a bit wonky (spell check might not thing that's a word, but we know better) round here so I was hoping that I wasn't gonna start a streak of that myself. I worked a bit today on figuring out how to podcast for a clients site and found a great little how-to if anyone is interested and it worked like a charm. This afternoon brought nothing but good news in the form of a couple of freelance animation gigs. One of which I've been waiting for months to see if the funding was gonna be in place on their end for me to start and it is. Tiko will fly again... The other project I can't say much about yet, but I'm excited to see what comes of it. I should know more next week. How much I'll be able to divulge is another question entirely. Great way to start a weekend!

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