Friday, February 20, 2009

Patrick Smith and the Credit Crisis...

No, he didn't cause it. At least, to the best of my knowledge he didn't. He has however made some amazing films over the years that are now available on YouTube. Here's a really good one: You can find more of em here. Check em out. I met him a few years ago at a film festival and he was really nice as well. Keep up the great work, Patrick. So about that Credit Crisis, I came across the really well done motion graphics piece and just wanted to share because of what a great instructional animation it is on a very complicated concept. Why no updates lately? Cause I've been too busy:) The shot from the last post is about done, I'm waiting on the final mop and I've done a couple of more shots since then. There's another collaboration in the works that I'd love to talk about but it's just not far enough along yet. Until next time.

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