Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Morphy's Head is UV'd...

...And it's not at all visible at any point in this post. So you'll have to trust me on that one.

So, what are you lookin at here? Lemme tell ya:

  • First 140 frames are just a simple cycle of poses
  • After that, the same cycle continues till the end only now I've added facial customization control animation on top of it.
  • Only the left side face controls are on there and connected to (unsplit) facial blendshapes while I'm polishing the poses)
  • All three heads are exactly the same rig, only I've toggled some visibility to make things clear. The blue controls on the left are facial deformation controls that you can use to scale and move different parts of the face. The green and yellow controls are regular animation controls that you'd use when doing facial. The right side will be the same as the green ones, only mirrored and red.
  • I may still add a few more controls as well for some more things I've been thinking about adding. Such as...
    • Lip corner compress
    • Eye squeeze
    • Middle lip controls
Man, some of this stuff is taking a while to get working the way I want. Getting the jaw's movement to scale with the mouth shrinking was especially contentious.

What's next?
  1. Eye rig - this is gonna be a bit tricky as well because I'm moving the eye around but I think I have a good plan of attack on that.
  2. Polishing poses for the facial rig and then creating the left/right variants.
  3. Tongue rig
  4. Making deformation morphs - noses, lips, and other such things
  5. .....finish the body rig at some point:)


David said...

that looks amazing!

Virgil said...

Looking good Josh, keep it up!

mattanimation said...

Just awesome! now write a book and share your secrets so I can buy it!

Alon Helman said...

Hey Josh! you dont know me... but I am a fan!!
Amazing stuff!! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone:)

Lindsey said...

this is AWESOME!

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