Thursday, June 10, 2010

Morphy Facial ROM v01

Trying to be better about keeping notes at the behest of Jason via Animator Friendly Rigging. Been using Google notebook so I have my notes wherever I am workin. If it's useful to anyone to see process or my idiocy, I'll be happy to post em:)

Here's the ones from today...

  • First pass of poses in the face machine
  • Finally happy with sculpt of head
  • Another pass of 060_010_010 - hoping to be final
To fix on face machine setup:
  • Look at Skull deformation geometry - brow is sliding past where it should
  • Make some new attempts on smile crease placer to get better deformation
  • Note - will have to manually create eye crease shape as TFM doesn't have controls to get to close to it
To fix on head model (v03):
  • Lip corners need work  - reference Stop Staring chapter for better layout ideas
  • Model mouth interior
  • Shrink teeth size to match geometry shift made in Rom file
  • Model or scrounge some teeth (Perok, Henry?)
  • Don't forget - grab hand and leg fixes from last body rig version
  • Possibly make version of head with eyelids closed to see if better shapes are possible out of TFM
  • Tracking teeth placement  - instead of including teeth in deformed geometry look into rivot type contraint to follow a couple of faces that are fully influence by the jaw. Could potentially create empty groups for folks to put whatever teeth geometry in for replacement.
  • Should eyebrows be apart of deformation mesh....?

Also, here's the latest version of that last GC shot - put in a bit more polish over the past few days....part of me would like to go back and polish some of my early GC shots but I think I'll work on Morphy to get a character other that a Garden city one on my reel:)


Virgil said...

not bad. the Ooo shape is not so great, but I like the deformations.
I played a bit with face machine, it's a bit too slow, but using it to create shapes... that's acceptable :) you could try and output series of shapes and use them as inbetweens. like for the more complex facial actions, that require round movement/rotations, such as mouth opening, lips rolling, etc. it's easy btw to make a script that would automate adding the inbetweens to the blendshape node. even with hundreds of blendshapes and inbetweens the rig can be superfast :) I just finished a rig like this, and it has almost some 70-80 blendshapes and counting the inbetweens, almost 900. on my machine I could probably have not one, but 4 or more heads like this evaluating in real time. (while the face machine was crawling way below real time)

Unknown said...

They're not final shapes by any stretch. Check a couple of posts back where I layout my workflow. I'm several head versions past this by now.

I haven't used face machine as a final rig either for similar reasons I just use it to test facial deformation and get base face blendshapes to further sculpt on.

Got a "final" head today so I'll post something further along before too long.

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