Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hand update (all the better to grab yams with....)

Come here, my pretty...

So been taking a hard look at hands and came to the realization that Morphy's last release hands just weren't as good as I wanted them to be. Hands are such an imporant part of the expressiveness of a character. So, I've been doing some research and experimenting and think they're much better now. Did you know that finger segment lengths tend to follow set proportions? This was a good read on that.

Here's the changes on the hands:
  • Added blendshape customization (still gotta figure out what controls to put em on - prolly the ui)
  • Added bunch of fixer joints that are sdk driven to help maintain "hand meatiness"
  • Moved a bunch of joints
  • New sdk poses all around 
  • Mesh changes as well
Oh, starting another gig any day now so things will slow down again. Apologies, but paying work comes first.

Other neat stuff from the internets!
  • Really interesting read on where we look when we're accessing certain parts of our brain. Useful for facial:)
  • Beautiful film.

Happy turkey day all!


Fes said...

Diggin' it, Josh.

Also, regarding hands check this out:

Unknown said...

Thanks Fes!

Great resource there. I had some of those in my ref folder, but not all:)

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