Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank you Disney...

Tangled was the best animated film I've seen in a long time. Easily up to par with the greats. Beautifully crafted and geektastically Keane'esqe. Loved it.

So last week I fulfilled my civic duty of eating way more than I should to celebrate Thanksgiving. The rotation fell on my wife's family and I had a good time. Went hunting with my brother-in-law - saw some does, shot nothing, and let my feet freeze for far longer than I ought. I have to say the northern Louisiana woods are beautiful - pines, white oaks and cardinals dropping by to say "good morning" on the edge of my treestand.

I've decided to curtail some of the Morphy fixes for the time being as some of the stuff it just gonna take too long to fix when I'd prefer to just do it right from scratch. So, I'm gonna make all of the non rig breaking fixes to Morphy and a couple of improvements and release full release v1.0. Then use him as my template character for rerigging using the tools Bokser and I are fixin to write (where I'll make the spine fix, scaling foot fix and some other stuff).

What else...again working a freelance gig as well so updates will be slow. Oh, and if anyone will be at the Austin 3d user's group on Friday, I'm plannin on being there so feel free to say hello:)


Christopher Sanders said...

Hey Josh,

Saw one of your videos on YouTube (blendshapes) and stopped by to check out the blog. Gotta' say you got some real talent!
I've dabbled into rigging and I need to ask you a question... how in the world do you juggle rigging and animating? I find it impossible so I am just gonna' work on rigging for a while.

Also how long does it take to make all those blendshape for the face?

Lemme' know and you gotta' say more about "Tangled". Haven't seen it yet.
-Chris (

Unknown said...

Hey Chris, thanks so much for your kind words man. As to finding the time to do multiple things, hmmm...I tend to get bored if I'm doing one thing too long so I reckon that helps. And if you're not worried about being the best in any one area, you have more time to get 'decent enough' at several:)

You're a pretty talented draftsman man (looked at your stuff). Same principle. I can draw, I just don't seem to have the passion to do it all the time whereas I love problem solving so rather enjoy the puzzles that rigging allows me to work on.

As to length on the blendshape. I've been polishing and adding to them for several months. So "awhile." :)

And if you haven't seen Tangled yet, I'm not gonna ruin it for you by saying anymore than go see it now! :)


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