Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do I really need that....?

Ah, the therapeutic process of geeks everywhere. Getting a new machine setup is both annoying and refreshing. One such part of the process is thinking through the apps you had and culling out the proven useful from the 'why didn't I get around to uninstalling that'. Here's some picks that carried over:

  • Bulk  Rename Utility - great general purpose renamer for files
  • Filezilla - my ftp of choice for some time now
  • Evernote - I come to really enjoy this note keeper after google notebook went the way of the dodo
  • Wing IDE - my coding tool of choice. Just to think this time last year I was still coding some in notepad.
  • Dropbox - Oh I can access my import files from anywhere, with revision history and shared project directories with friends and clients? How I ever got along without this before I have no idea
  • VLC Player - great all around player that works with most anything.
  This is my first ssd drive machine so I found this post super insightful for optimization.

Hopefully I'll be able to make an announcement on another front in the next week or two stay tuned:)

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