Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CG Monks!

I'm happy to announce the formation of CG Monks a new venture with some good friends through which  we hope to make cool tools, rigs, and other goodies available to the cg internets. Some of our goals are..

  • Creating  commonsense tools we actually use on a daily basis including our own modular character rigging system
  • Creating a community collaborative site that acts as a virtual studio, place to get community vetted tools and assets, and to get questions answered
  • Creating stable character (including Morpheus 2.0) and prop assets that follow common sense and animator friendly standards.

I'll probably do most of my blogging there for the foreseeable future so if you'd like to hear more of my yammering, head thataway.


Ale said...

Very good! Congrats!!

mattanimation said...

Awesomeness! Is there a twitter account for this site?

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