Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday me, you all get a present!

I turn the big 34 in a couple weeks. Exciting, no? Back to the important bit about a present to the internets.

After a year of getting many inquiries and frankly just not knowing how I wanted to handle it, my mind has been made up. I haven't had a chance  to change the docs page but I shall when I find a second.

You may now use Morpheus 1.0 for any commercial venture you please providing:
1) credit is given where appropriate
2) Use is in keeping with the "Would-Pixar-make-this" rule (no porn, no "Killing puppies is neat" promotionals)

No fee is required though you're always welcome to donate on the official Morpheus page.

I hope to have another announcement on my site before too long about a new venture among like minded riggers and that entity where will Morpheus 2.0 production will commence from. Sorry it's been so long of the tooth on updating. Life is busy:)


Marcos Borba said...

that´s awesome Josh!! WE apreciate that gesture!!

Keep Rocking!!!

Lucio said...

Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and thank you for all your amazing work. Cant wait to see what you do next :)

g1toons said...

happy belated, keep doing what you are doing

Nathanael3D said...

Happy Bday Josh and thanks for this wonderful gift. Still using Morpheus for my all-day learning, great stuff ;)
Enjoy your day!

Cheese from France

David G Latour said...

Very exciting news! Let me know if you need beta testers Josh; We have over a hundred animators here at AAU that would love to take it for a test spin.

Unknown said...

Thanks all.

David, you've been on my short list a long time. Actually hope to be sending out an invite (non Morphy) soon and you'll be getting one.

Damon said...

Don't forget about me Jpsh! - I'd love to have a bash with MORPHY 2.0

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