Friday, October 1, 2010

Morpheus 102 - Customization...

Morpheus Rig 102- "Making Morphy Your Own" - you can also download this vid on Vimeo :)

Found some time today to make another training vid. Hope it answers some more questions. If anything isn't clear by all means let me know. Sorry it's so long.

So what's left for Morpheus before final release?
  • Additions
    • Adding upr/lwr outer lip movement to make Rick's sneer lips
    • Adding rotation on the mouth mover
    • Forgot the snapping script icons
  • Scripts
    • Make the scripts work with referencing
    • New script - for adding custom body geo that will work with the body morphing
    • New script - for saving out face settings
  • Fixes
    • Rotation order issues in a couple of places
    • Wrist rotation fixes - courtesy of my good friend Scott Englert who is so awesome he gave me a script to fix it
    • Some Weighting polish
    • Lock off selection on geo and joints
    • Double transformation on some of the hair
Have a good one all!


Omar said...

Awesome, Josh!!

CGmeetup said...

Good work, very helpful for animators
looking forward to final release.

Sean said...
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Sean said...

Hey Josh,
this is looking really nice and solid to boot! Thanks so much for not only putting the effort into developing this, but in being so open about the process and your ideas. That alone makes this a much more valuable resource for anyone looking into rigging. You're awesome man. Keep it up!


ps. sorry I can't figure out how to make it not say, "-- said"

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh. Thank you. This is great. It's priceless. I recently discovered your blog and rig and am very excited to start playing around with it. As if you didn't have enough to do, I was wonder if at some point you would talk about how to actually put a rig like this together. Not so elaborate of course, but I've always had big "issues" painting weights after I've created a rig. I was wondering, with a rig like this, what that process is like for you. What's the workflow, pitfalls, successes... that sort of thing. But regardless, it's great. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks all!

Heya fullyAnimated. Again, glad it's helpful man. Couple of thoughts - 1) you can dig through the "Morpheus" tagged posts to find more info on the development and 2) specifically on skinning, sure I can do that when I get some time. Sadly I don't know any quick easy ways, it's just polish, polish, polish. I tend to create some poses in my skinning file so I can see how things are deforming and use xferAnim in zoo tool box to easily transfer the poses to new rigs. When I'm polishing weights I'm also playing with joint placement so it's kinda cyclical like that. Hopefully that's a help in the meantime:)

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