Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Morpheus Release Candidate v2!

Download the latest on the Morpheus Project page.

This will be the last Morpheus Update for probably a month or so cause of a gig I'm startin. I'm still not considering this a "final" Morpheus release and won't to so until 1) I'm able to animate scene and make sure everything is working as intended or 2) I see a few scenes other people do and they don't have any rig issues. If you find errors, please email me your issue with the following info:
  • Email subject line of "Bad Morphy!" so I can find it easily:)
  • Maya version (only 2009 and above supported)
  • OS
  • Preferably a referenced scene file so I can see your issue
  • Detailed description of what happened.
There's still a couple of bugs I've gotten that I can't replicate and I wanna squash em before a "final" release. Oh, I also updated my site with the project I worked on last month (though I still can't show footage yet) - "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore."

Morpheus Release Candidate v2

  • Until I can figure out a better way of lockin off a few things. Toggle off joint selectability or just turn off their visibility so you don't accidentally select them. 

Facial Rig
  • New mouth twist shape on mouth move anim
  • New lwr lip up for a better lip sneer
  • Wider mouth wide shapes
  • Pushed chin out more (good bit more actually)
  • Weighting update
  • Fixed bug in scaling of eye rig
  • Pushed chin wide more
Body Rig
  • Lots of rotation order fixes
  • Twist fix on the wrist courtesy of my good friend Scott Englert
  • Changed how the mid spine control was influenced so that the hips were more isolated. Will probably swing back when I figure out how I wanna rig spines for more hip isolation
  • Weighting polish on the body
  • Scripts updated to work with referencing and some error checking as well
  • More intelligent weighting updater
  • jbMorpheusBodyCustomGeoBaker - New - Body baker similar to the facial geo baker. 
  • jbMorpheusAddBodyGeo - New - Body adder. If you create a new body mesh and wanna use it instead. Easy peasy.


Ana Cobos said...

I want to get home and can test the character!! When will complete the final character? thanks for everything!♥♥♥

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Heya Ana. As I said in the post, I'll consider it done when either 1) I've animated it in a full scene without issue or 2) a couple of other people have and they tell me everything is good to go. Like I said, I'm gonna be on a gig for a month or so and wont' be able to test or update it in that time.

Also, I will do my best with any updates to make them nondestructive so animation that references the rig will not be messed up.

Have good one!

renato polimeno said...

Hey, I loved your rig project.

it is really inspiring my friend !


Unknown said...

Thanks Renato! Glad you're enjoying it:)

Francis Jasmin said...

At work we are using Max (Biped) or Motion Builder (which has the best rig ever created, in my opinion (note that I just use Biped and Mobu), but in any case you should try Motion Builder once in your life its pretty amazing :P)

So anyway, I hope a lot of people start using your super rig, I will certainly do when I have the time, and that will get me to learn Maya, since Max doesn't have any good free rig for facial animation).

So anyway, I hope some ppl start to use it within the 11 second club competition.

Francis ;)

Rich said...

I'm playing with Morphy now and having tons of fun! This is really a fantastic rig, sir. One suggestion I have, perhaps for Morphy 2.0 - Controls for the Nose Tip and the Ears.

Fantastic stuff!

Jonas said...

i've tried this character yesterday.. it's great..

i'd like to thank you for sharing this rig..

Unknown said...

Josh, How do I get the quick selection sets to work? I'm confused? can you explain this a little more?

Unknown said...

Hey Pat,

First off, make sure you're using the latest release.

If you're referring to the nurbs based selectors on the UI, you probably need to run update boTriggers (watch the vid if you're not sure how to do that), if you mean the quick select sets for joint selection and stuff on modification, I use zooSetMenu but you can select them via their name in the command line or in the ui via edit>select>quick select sets> etc.

If you need more clarity I need more input:)


Unknown said...

So, I should really learn to read or watch the directions before I ask a question. My bad, updating boTriggers worked for my issue. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Unknown said...

Dude, .... WOW. Such amazing work you've done. I've never seen sooooo much in one rigg. It's truelly a piece of art and a technogel marvel.


Lioe Stanley said...

hi josh, right now i'm looking at your rig, its very very good rig that's all i can say.
and i have a question, how can i use this rig(if i want to use 2 or more characters together in the same time in one scene)?
i've tried googling for the answer, but i cant found it,
can you help me with this one?
i will really appreciate your answer,
thanks anyway

Unknown said...

Thanks Frans. :)

Lioe, watch the "Making morphy yours vid" and that should answer your q's. You wanna use referencing but I cover it in the vid.

Lioe Stanley said...

thx josh, i've tried your suggestion and using create reference to add more than 1 character, but it didnt work well actually,
when i clicked at "all" ,"big", "skinny" etc nothing happened,
if there were 2 characters in 1 scene,
when i chose "all" words at the first character, 1st character showed all selected area of the character itself, wand then i give another try, i clicked
"all" at the 2nd character,but nothing happened.
do you know how to solve this?
or am i just to dumb to find out how this thing works, hahahaha
thanks for your time

Alex said...

Hi Josh, thank for your rig, i think is great!! I was trying to save a scene as .MA using you rig as reference. Maya won't allow me to save it because it keeps telling me that some nodes are unknown. The only way I can save it, is using the .MB extension and i would rather save as .MA since is a more versatile extension. Please can you suggest me something about solving this problem?
Thanks in advance!!

Unknown said...


I think your UI's are on top of each other. Another possibility is that you've not updated your boTriggers.


I know exactly what you're talking about and it's on my list of things to look at as soon as I can. Off hand I can't think of anything I did that would have kept from saving as ".ma". Glad you're enjoying the rig.


Cadam92 said...

Hey Josh, Im in my second year of Animation at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. And Ive just started learning with Maya. Im becoming and practicing Character Animation. So I downloaded your wonderful rig here v2, and Ive been blocking out an entire sequence and haven't rendered... until a few moments ago. the skin texture isnt there (cant see the arms or legs or face) and the eyes are just black. how do I apply the texture presets you have made?

Unknown said...

Cadam, you're probably not using mental ray as your renderer and/or haven't connected the texture paths on your computer. There are several threads on it on the 11 second club forums. Give it a look:)

Aditya said...

Hello Josh,
I emailed you today afternoon about the Morpheus rig which I want to use for something. I was wondering if you received my mail. I sent it on at around 1:35pm.
Thank you.

Ufukkiblat said...

hello josh, thanks for made this awesome rig for everyone, i'm fan of morphy

but i have a couple trouble here.
why my shot are become slower when i already costumize morphy ? it's ok when the first time i reference the rig.

and second,why "an-o-matic" didn't work in my shot?

i try to find anywhere but till now i didn't know the answer..

thanks before, cheers


Ufukkiblat said...

sorry, for an-o-matic i just figure it out, and now i know why..thanks

i must be very enthusiastic with your rig without see your video haha

but for "become slower" i still have a problem with it

and one else, what is this actually "// Error: An execution error occured in the expression MorphySqshStrtch." ??

thanks for responses

David G Latour said...

in answer to Alex's question about being unable to save in .ma format - if you run file>optimize scene size> and click on the option box, un-check everything but the last item "remove unknown nodes" that will allow you to save the file as a .ma

Last time I saw this it was due to turtle nodes in the scene, not sure what the unknown nodes are here.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Josh,

I admire your work very much. I'm an Animation and 3D visualisation student in Finland, just finishing my bachelor's degree. As a big fan of "Morphy", I wanted to have your permission on using the v1.0 rig and use it on my student shortfilm that I'm working on. Basically using the rig to be animated and then apply various texturing stylization of my own. This will only be part my school work and definitely not for any commercial use. I'm concentrating more on character animation and thats why I find Morphy very good for that. Plus it would be later only presented on my vimeo account and as part of my personal blog presenting some of my portfolio work. Of course, the source will be clearly mentioned in the credits as well as in the video description. I would be very glad and honoured if I got your personal permission on this. I am also very understanding if you don't want to allow any use of your rig in these kind of projects. Can you please let me know your take on this?


Shareef Askar

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