Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Geo Customization Pass 1....

So yesterday was pretty much a wash with errands but today I was able to buckle down and get some good Morphy progress kickin.


  • Created 4 Men's hair styles and 2 Womens (I suck at modeling women's hair so please make something better if you can)
  • Mustache, beard, soul patch added as well
  • Need to solve how to keep the hair line with the ear during deformation (got a pretty good idea how to do this, just need to implement)
  • Added teeth controls as per Kung Fu Rick's request (translation,scale, rotation)
    • Also set up hierarchy so you can easily throw new teeth in and they'll work with the controls. Create some, toss em in the respective groups and you're all set. Ears should be the same (should memory I prolly should check that)
  • Removed Chin and upper nose deformation joints as they weren't doing a whole lot
  • Plan on adding some more chin morph options to get some more feminine stuff
  • Thinking I need a thin and thicker eyebrow as well.
  • Did some testing with the the picker script and I think I'm gonna keep it in though folks will have to install a script if they want that stuff to work. It adds a good bit and it isn't that much of a hassle
  • Did some more weighting polish on the deformation facial joints. Still more to do but it's getting close.
Still waiting for geometry submission, peeps. I know a bunch of folks downloaded the Morphster so....if Morphy comes out and doesn't have the afro you wanted, I don't wanna hear squat about it. :)

Really shooting to have the intitial full rig ready for animation tests by late this week early next week as I have a gig I'm supposed to be starting before too long and even if I can't start my own animation tests, I'd like to have some testers doing it to find bugs.


Ratul Sarna said...

No words man!
I never knew the marvels of rigging, I guess.

Most probably, I'll be animating a piece with Morph when you release it. So I'll let you know about the bugs.


Animactor said...

You have done a fantastic work! I've got no words....

Josh Bowman said...


d. vasquez said...

This awesome Josh!! I'm so excited for this rig!! I'm sorry I have zero know how in modeling or rigging to help but I will do all the animation tests I can :) I can't wait to use the facial setup!! Very cool that you already had those body deformations in the work!! Are you taking any donations? I think you should get some money for putting this together!


Unknown said...

Thanks all, it's comin:)

D, I'll have a donate link when I release it and would definitely appreciate any tips folks want to provide to help finance further Morphy development as well as other characters:)

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