Sunday, August 8, 2010

An open letter to the creators of the Antivar Virus

Dear makers of the Antivar Virus,


I'm a very careful web user and you've successfully infected my computer twice now - my only infections in the last 12+ years of computer work. Still trying to figure out how you did it. You've successfully stolen several days of my working time with my own scanning and removal work for my computer and for that of some friends whom you've infected as well and aren't quite as tech minded.

I have to admit, you've put together quite an nice package - locking off access to the good stuff and blaring warnings signs that would certainly make my mom click it. Especially clever in mimicking a real product. I never click anything which makes my infections especially curious to me.

It's puzzling to me why you would spend your obviously talented minds and skill sets on a product that might land you in prison when you most certainly could be creating something useful to folks that they would freely pay for.

It just doesn't make sense to me why you'd spend so much time and effort which would likely get you punched in the face if you happened to share what you did at  local bar with someone you've infected when you might get a beer bought for you should you create something that very person might need and want.

I had hoped to work some on Morphy today but I guess it'll have to wait.

Knowing this is a pointless exercise,

p.s. Should anyone else have problems with said infection - Here are instructions for removal.


Josh Bowman said...

unfortunately some people get their kicks from causing problems for others, i think it's a psychological passive aggressive desire for attention.

mattanimation said...

That sucks dude. My wife did click the "remove virus" thing when it popped up...yeah, good thing i've battled these things before. I was just worried you were gonna say Morphy had gone to great big binary cloud in the sky.

Unknown said...

Indeed, Josh.

Matt, yup, they're tricky ones. Not to worry. I've got several local backups and cloud based as well. He's safe. Learned that painful lesson several years ago. :)

Just got in from a full day of errands in town and gonna give Morphy some teeth controls:)

d. vasquez said...

That is so wrong! Sorry to hear that Josh! But I have to say your rig is awesome. Just got home and got to Download the beta and I love the rig, very appealing design. I also ran through all your videos and all the possibilities of the morphing face, amazing!!! Hope that cheers you up, you have a loyal fan that can't wait for the rig! one thing about the morphing body that I don't like is that morphy needs some single body morph attributes, like if i wanted to to a caricature fat guy with skinny chest and arms and legs, just a fat stomach. Just an idea that would help with the customization of the rig!!

Unknown said...

Thanks D,

No worries on the body deformation. It's already in the plans:)

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