Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Geo Customization Pass Dos...

Spent another day finaling up Morphy's face. Threw some of the range of motion poses on him to make sure things were working on that front....

  • Worked on keeping hair line intact during deformation
  • More weighting work
  • So, for the most part, the facial customization geo works fine when the face is deformed. However, when you're workin with it and get a look you like, you may want to freeze the deformed hair and reskin it to have more control over the firmness of portions of it.
  • Added chin deformation control
  • Setup customization toggles. If I get any good submissions geometry wise I'll add em but for now I'm done making new ones.
  • Friends and contributers can expect probably the last facial beta rig in their mailboxes later this evening.
  • Tomorrow, I plan on working to final up the body morphs and start splitting those up and setting up their respective morph based deformation controls.
Ran across some really neat stuff recently on the internets:
  • There's been a neat Disney motion blur vid making the rounds and this is an interesting take I'd not seen before. (hat tip to Spungella)

  • Some great Glen Keane art
  • Another great post by Cameron Fielding on the imperfection or reality in terms of motion
  • I found this film absolutely mesmerizing. I think it has something to do with the seasons, but whatever...visually stunning. Please watch it full screen.

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Omar said...

SO awesome man.
Really great, I'm dying to try it :D

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