Thursday, August 12, 2010

Little better teaser....hopefully....

Did a quick "Plop the head rig on the body and see what happens" exercise. Played around with changing the body for about 30 minutes and got these.

  • Worked on the head hierarchy to figure out easiest way of plopping his head on rigs (my own included) and that's about good to go
    • Just plopping it on works but I think skinning it in partially is gonna get better results
  • Been polishing on the body morphs and figuring out how I wanna split em up still.
  • Still need some new skin textures. Think one of the contributers is workin on it so hopefully I can get that rolled in next week.
  • Wushu-Rick found a bug in the facial customization that I knocked out. Apparently rotating the eye orb as well scaling and translating it is desired. Whoda thunk?
  • Started working on the FAQs for release (speaking of, keep sending em!)
Back to figuring out how to split these morphs up...


Houston is still too muggy for it's own good. It's muggyness should be mugged.


Alon Helman said...

You sir are the MAAANNN!!!!

Fes said...

This looks ridiculously amazing.

One question, any chance the rig will incorporate an IK spine?

Nanda van Dijk said...

It is amazing that you are making this!!! I cant wait to try your rig, it looks fantastic.

If you need another beta tester I will be happy to help!

Animetrik said...

You are an amazing rocker dude. This rig will be the best around ;) Keep up the wonderfull work.

Unknown said...

Thanks all:)

Fes, there is an IK spine. Is there a function you're looking for and not finding?

Daesup said...

Hey man,, Hope you still remember me. I am a SCAD veteran who did "Painting Day". Checked your work on spungella, and I am so surprised to see that your blog has tons of useful info and super active. Anyway, good to see you again and character looks amazing. Can't wait to hit the pose!!!

Unknown said...

Hey man, I do remember you. How you doin? Glad you find my ramblings useful and I hope you find Morphy more so. Made some good progress today on the body morphing, just nothing worth showing yet. Still in the mix of it:)

Email me if you wanna catch up.

Unknown said...

Holy monkey, I think that this is one of the best rig projects I've seen to date. Can't wait for this release!

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