Sunday, August 15, 2010

Body Morphing Controls Pass 1

First real pass at splitting up the body morphs. Currently I have them symmetrically done. Thinking about whether left/right would make sense or not. Thoughts? Any other prebuilts you'd like to see?

The meat of it are a muscular, heavy, skinny and feminine morphs which I've then split up using Jason Osipa's tutorial in chapter 6 of Stop Staring (second edition). He's talking about doing a full face scrunch and then painting out the various regions. I just took that and applied it to painting out regions of the body. A bit tedious but it seems to work okay.

Here's what's on the slate for Morphy this week.

  • Body rig
    • Polishing body morphs and blends between sections
      • Skinny's lower torso is doing some funky stuff with some other shapes.
    • Splitting body morphs to left/right sections if that level of control is desired
    • Add Mid spine ik control
    • Add some manual neck scaling to make tying into the head better.
    • Look at adding chest widener for shoving the shoulders further apart without complete breaking doublesteins setup.
    • Look to at what's breaking on the fk/ik switching when scaling limbs
  • Facial Rig
    • Add movers on control groups to move the controls out should the custom geometry the user has on block things
    • Add nose bridge thickener
    • Possibly redo bridge flattener to not squeeze so much
I have a few more contributers who look like they're gonna come through on some stuff so even more variety is in the works. Thanks guys!



Wow .. this is gonna be one of the best rigs

Animetrik said...

Body morps looks cool and honestly i must say that i love all its morphs, your selection range for face all looks perfect. Keep up the good work dude ;)

d. vasquez said...

Josh it looks unbelievable!!! I love how the body morph is separated and is looking fantastic!! Keep it up!!

Lindsey said...

this looks amazing!

I'd pay big bucks for this rig! It's worth it :)

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