Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Just got this in from one of the beta testers. I'd have never tried that. Made me laugh:)

Not what I would have thought of. Some creativity from Rick:)

Rolled out another head beta today. Things are moving along...
  • So, wrap deformers aparently are slow as molasses and the more customization options I add, the slower the rig gets, so....I'm workin on another way to pull in stuff. It involves some potential scripting so I'm avoiding it for now:)
  • Yet another weighting pass on the head deformation joints
  • Ears visibility toggle works now
  • Added in two new controls on the face rig
    • Ear morphers (upr/lwr) for having some customization option on the ole' listeners
    • Nose bridge thickener - put this one in at a buddy's request and I like it. Hope you will too.
Looping back to the body for a while. Workin on increasing shoulder width right now. Crossing my fingers that it works. Got a rigging gig starting tomorrow but will get back to it when I can.

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Marcos Borba said...

Just awesome! Each time I visit your blog, gets better!

Good luck!

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