Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Morphy and the dog with no name...

So, progress hasn't been as snappy as I'd like but we did get a new puppy that I check on once an hour or so. Some friends found him in the woods and we decided to give him a home. We're having a hard time naming him though. He'll have a name one of these days:)

Pretty cute, no?

When I've had some time, I've been trucking forward. Here's some new bits...

What's this vid showing? Well, I finished the first pass on the morph based tweaks to the face. I'm not sure if I'll add more controls, simplify or what. Only time shall tell.

Went ahead and threw some out there faces on the current rom to see how deformation is holding up. The teeth is gonna be a major issue that I need to 1) tweak some facial blendshapes 2) make it easy for the user to scale the teeth or move the lips off of them a bit...(come to think of it as I write this, that may just about be a perfect option...)

What's next? Tongue, optimization and some good solid testing. After that - a full body. I'd like to animate him some time in the next month so I best get crackin.


David said...

name him scrappy

mattanimation said...

if morphy had a dog what would it's name be?

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh my dog is exactly the same with treats and just food. He'll only eat one specific doggy treat and one type of food! You give him something, he takes away then just leaves it somewhere haha. He also won't go out in the rain even though he desperately wants a walk!
I think our dogs are some sort of twins from another litter haha. That first picture is great by the way!

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