Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eye Rig....check.

Eye/eyelid rig has been attached. Here's quick test seeing how things are deforming. Lots of polish necessary. So, here's a State-of-Morphy update:

  • Facial rig is 90% done - still need to do some optimizing and looking to create some eye fk/ik switching and some visibility toggling.
  • Weighting on the eyes needs a solid layer of polish 
  • Several of my blendShapes need some work - I'd like to see some more volume in the cheek in the smile and tweak the creasing a bit. Also the mouth corners need some love.
  • Still need to figure out how I want the morph based customization options to work and I'll probably start on that this week.
To those coming late to the party here - Yes, Morphy will be a full body rig (you can dig back though the older Morphy posts if you want some idea of what I'm doin there). I'm actually thinking about making the intial body rig with The Setup Machine to get it a Morphy v1.0 completed quicker and do my own body rig for 2.0. 

Hope everyone has a great Forth of July weekend in the US and to the rest of the world - have a great weekend anyway:)


mattanimation said...

superb! way to go man! If my rig was half that I would call it done. You make me set my standards higher

Unknown said...

Awesome! Morphy looks wonderful. I can't wait to mess around with him and do some fun tests :D

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