Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spring 2010 Demo Reelage...

Found some time to update the ole' reel. Added some Psyop work, the latest Garden City work and cut a couple of things on the last one. Getting Morphy done can't come too soon. I needs me some more lip sync on there. So sad that I have SO MUCH lip sync footage from Midway that's just facial animation only and thus worthless for a full body keyframe reel.

Ah well.

Morphy is coming along fine. Got his eye and lid rig working for the most part. Gonna post another post in a bit to try and get some beta testing on the eye rig.

Until next time!

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Virgil said...

Nice work. Things flow well and look good, you have elegant movement and interesting ideas. But I had an, I don't know, overall feeling of softness, I think you could try to work more on timing gestures more precisely, and maybe be more consistent with the weight of things. Like, for example, the plumpy lady is usually very slow, maybe a bit too slow, or at least, maybe not detailed enough, but anyway, every now and then, she becomes all springy and extra-cartoony. Which is cute, but... how heavy is she, after all? I think she is the one character in your reel who especially needs more detailing, more small things happening, to give her more life, since she is so slow and soft in her gestures. The crab is not bad, but not at the same level as the other animations. I presume it's an older thing. He is more cartoony and because of this, seems more alive, but his animation is overall not as good as in the other shots. I loved the Psyop weird thing in the beginning :D All in all, great work! Congrats!

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