Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yes, I have been working...

...And man, 2d camera moves and moving characters through space is hard (especially when you haven't ever really done it or worked in a 2d production pipeline). This is where I'm at on a promo piece I'm doing with some buddies at Portland Studios. Initially I just started working in flash but I realized there was no way I was capable of doing that by hand. So, I animated the layout on a large format, and then moved my camera around it in flash. I'll clean things up as I tie down the details in the next flash pass. If anyone knows a better workflow, I'm all ears. :) We're still looking on final look but for the most part Cory wants to keep things rough.


g1toons said...

very nice looking good, when you say you went to large format, do you mean on paper or still digital?

Unknown said...

Thanks G1toons. Large format I mean still digital but ignoring the zoom, flying motion while sitting (until Inar zooms off).

Lucas Gonzaga said...

Hey Josh, I love your work. And I saw that you need a help with flash. I start to work with flash 10 years ago just with animation.

I start a blog one week ago take a look

Please explain better your workflow on this project so I can help you. First you´re working just frame by frame with no symbols trees inside it?

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot, Lucas. Sweet blog by the way:)

At this point, I'm back in flash and very much using nested symbols/clips. For example, I have a clip of just Inar (the dragon) sitting still and a cycle of all his air flying in the wind - much more up to date than this version on line. Then I took that symbol and put Jack on him as a cycle. Then took those combined symbols and added the up and down flying movement. Then took that symbol into my final scene to do the camera zoom and pan work. My plan is to get everything working well and then doing a final drawover on twos with all the elements in place to tie everything together.

Lucas Gonzaga said...

Josh, the workflow is almost perfect. Symbol inside symbols to work all together, that the way.

For a better use of the camera take a look at this extension for flash:

I think thats what you need to work better with camera movements on flash.

Have a great day my friend.

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