Monday, May 4, 2009

Squirrely Bounces into the Wild!

Version 1.0 is out! Catch him while you can:)

Squirrely is a free rig for noncommercial use only. I wanted a "ball like" character with a tail to play with for animation tests and Squirrely came into being.


  • Body Rigged with The Setup Machine 2
    • Stetchy IK Spine
    • FK/IK Switchable Arms and Legs
    • Limb mirroring
    • Auto/Manual Stretch limbs
    • Character Sets Set up for proper keying
    • Tail/Ear Controls
    • Finger/Toe FK/IK
    • LowRes Proxy Geometryy mode for faster playback
    • Character scaleable via master control
    • Hideable tail via "COG"
    • Face Camera
  • Facial rig
    • Limited yet functional facial rig
    • FK/IK Eye Rig - set up via my good friend Scott Englert's Tutorial
    • Eyelid Tracking/Blinking Control - setup via John Doublestein's Tutorial


  • EyeBlend Control transitions between Joystick/look at control for the eyes
  • Use the character sets - one of my nit picks with the setup machine is that the FK/IK swich attributes are located on the COG control. As such, having limited keying sets via selection sets or quickselection sets is a hassle. The characters sets make sure you key all the appropriate attributes
  • FK/IK Arms and Leg switching accessed via the TSM controls
  • Mirroring accessed via TSM Controls


  • I'm not great at shading/texturing. If anyone wants to come up with some slicker stuff you want incorporated, lemme know.
  • Tag animations you do with him as "Squirrely" on YouTube, Vimeo or the like. I'd like to see em.
  • Have fun:)


Francesco Malin said...

Hi Josh! My cmpliments, your work is fantastic!! You are a great Animtor! I immediately downloaded the Squirrely (good character)
I hope to try it soon.
I greet you and come and do a lap nl my blog, I would like

A greeting

leonarce said...

Hi Josh, lovely character u did.

Can I ask u some question regarding TSM setup? I check that your rig doesn't have neck, how did u do that? Did u just delete the influence nurbs? Did u parent the widget to the head?

Thank you

Rodrigo de Angelis said...

Hi Josh,

very cool this rig.. i'll use in my animations..
my name is Rodrigo de Angelis.. am i from brazil..

thanks for rig

Unknown said...

Glad you all like it. Looking forward to see what you all do with him:)

Unknown said...

elte, I sent you an email on your q. If you didn't get it, email me:)

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