Friday, July 13, 2012

Epic Mickey Work...

Well, it's finally up. At least a good chunk of it...

I had the pleasure of working on this project last fall and a chunk of this spring. Last fall I animated a segment (all of which is in this vid). The majority of my work on the project was rigging character faces, rigging other stuff and swapping in and out mesh updates on rigs. I wrote a good chunk of my blendshape transfer stuff during the project to make the workload manageable.

Specifically I animated from 3:58 - 4:36 except for the lightning storm exterior, doc at the window and Mickey in the tv at the end so the Gus working and Ortensia observing stuff. Gus was a lot of fun.

Crummy thing is I did another pollish pass on a bunch of my shots but they apparently didn't make it in the render pipe...the joys of production:)

Dang, it's been since last fall that I've animated full body stuff. Python has me in a death grip...


Rocky Vanoost said...

Awesome stuff man!

erica said...

Really cool stuff Josh! I just saw this trailer at the Comic-Con panel over the weekend and was thinking how awesome it looked. :) Love the cartoony style. The panel discussion sadly didn't talk too much about the animation, but it was still fun (especially with all the panelists wearing Oswald ears)!

I imagine it must have been a challenge trying to bring such iconic 2D characters into the 3D world. I was wondering, was it an aesthetic choice to avoid creases in the corners of the mouths on Mickey/Oswald/Ortensia/etc? Or was it more of a technical issue?

Unknown said...

Thanks Rocky, miss ya pal:)

Thanks! I can't wait to see the final game.

Yeah it was a challenge I'm sure but not one that I had to head on. That was the game makers. I was mainly improving existing body rigs, rigging props or rigging faces for cinematic work. For the faces, I was using the game assets to bake the blendshapes to the up-rezed stuff to then polish on from there. Did get to play with some new concepts in terms of follow surface stuff for eyes and what not and some other surface IK stuff. That was fun:)

On top of that, the work in this spot was mainly from the fall and the time we had to work on the rigs was very limited. This spring I was able to go back and add improve some of the facial rigs and other stuff - redid Oswald's ear rig (you might see some faceting in this spot) and most of his facial shapes. Stuff like that.

Animation wise, the characters were fun but challenging. I especially had a bugger of a time getting a decent walk from Ortensia because her feet were so huge. Gus was a ball cause I could just dart him around and really squash and stretch him.

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