Sunday, March 6, 2011

March on Morphy!

Morphy Tip of the Month - Check out this tutorial from Andrea in Italy on how to more easily mod Morpheus' texture. Also,  don't forget to try scaling the hands down a bit for a more feminine look (or even using the finger tapering shapes if you're daring;)
A fun one from Stine who's studying in Denmark. Nice customization work too! Check out the other stuff on the vimeo channel as well...

Don't forget to check progress over on the Morpheus wardrobe project! Lookin pretty cool.

From last month's 11 second club:

Gonna be a crazy busy month with this gig. Don't know how much time I'll have for much else. If I don't respond to you, that would be why. I did finish a pretty cool python function for generating joint chains from lofted surfaces this evening...been coding like crazy the last couple of days as I have a lot of stuff to get rigged this week and doing it modularly will help:)

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