Monday, February 28, 2011


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My wife and I were away in Jackson Hole this past week to celebrate our anniversary and for a little vacation - we had a great time. Learned a few valuable lessons as well:

  • New favorite ski spot. Just as many slopes as Vail and half the peeps.
  • Do not assume that someone else will know that just because you're standing next to a national park sign and ask them to take a picture of you that they will think to frame the entire sign in shot (go go Owstone Tional Park!)
  • Vintage snow shoes work just as well as the new ones (and are stylish!)
  • Do not tuck the gator of your snowpants inside your ski/boarding boots unless you want a painful morning on the slopes. Yay circulation cut off!
  • D2D ski rentals are awesome. Oh, I don't have to stand in line to rent and turn in gear and not pay any more for that privilege? Yes, please.
  • First Steven King book. Picked it cause it was it was thick and I read fast. Very talented story teller but a bit dark and unnecessarily explanatory on some especially dark stuff. 
  • Pass bison on the right when snowmobiling. Also, they have the right of way.
  • I am not ready for black diamonds.
  • Whenever you're going to only eat someplace once it's never a bad idea to get the opinion of the waitor/waitress on what they think is good.
  • Even with heated seats, the back of a tandem snowmobile is much MUCH colder than the drivers seat.
  • There is way way too much sugar on the fruit and nuts in the classic snack box on United flights. I'd go far as to say an inedible amount.
With that, I have to get goin. Starting a gig today. It'll prolly be a light posting month as such. However hope to make some progress in the evenings on the python stuff.

jjb be gone.


Fes said...

I am not ready for black diamonds

Hah, you'll never be ready for them if you don't ever go down 'em. Best way to learn how to ride, regardless whether you're a skier or a snowboarder, is to actually attempt, fail and then learn from your mistake. :)

Unknown said...

Heya Fes,

When you only ski one day or so every 5 years, your sklls diminish some:)

I think next time we'll ski a few more days and we'll be a bit more prepared.

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