Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Your Monthly Morphy update!

Morphy Tip of the Day - If the selection objects in the UI aren't working, you need to run boTriggers update script:)

First off, thank you for all the encouraging and kind responses to my last post. Back to the business at hand - congrats to Edwin Schaap for winning this month's 11 second club using Morphy! Here's a few from the month:

Couple of things in general to those of you using Morphy. His shoulders in the t pose are high cause the arms are outstretched. In general, if you bring them down for a regular pose it's going to look better. There are exceptions of course but try bringin em down and see what you think. 

What else is up? Well, progress is moving along on bbThingamarig and my python is becoming passable. Got the template maker working pretty well as well as the main architecture for the arm rig. I had initially been thinkin about just the roll joint setup like AFR and Doublstein's rig use but I'm leaning more towards a ribbon setup so I've been experimenting with that. I think the new spine in particular will be much much improved.

What about cool stuff from the nets?!
  • My good friend Scott Englert is working on some very cool stuff for maya. Check it out!
  • If you ever wanted to try Project Messiah, now is the time cause this temp pricing is nuts.
  • Also, this weather lately has been nuts -  65 one day and chipping ice off the water bowls outside the next


Fes said...

Hey Josh,

I have the weirdest thing happening. I don't have any skin shaders appearing in the hypershade. What am I doing wrong. I've tried both the RC rigs and the final but I don't see a shader at all.

Am I missing something?


Unknown said...

Heya Fes,

What version of Maya are you using? If it doesn't have mental ray, thats your problem right there. You can always assign new shaders if you like as well.

Lemme know.

Fes said...

Hehehe never mind. Beginner Morphy newbie mistake. The textures need to be pointed to the right directory. :P

mattanimation said...

you seen this thing?

He does a morphey type thing near the end. But i'm sure it's a full on huge maya plugin. You think Bosker will take on other apprentices for python?

Unknown said...

Hey Matt,

No I hadn't seen that. Pretty neat stuff. The modular rigging stuff is surprisingly similar to what Bokser and I have cookin.

Yeah it looks like a full plugin to me as well.

As to the question of apprentice, I reckon you'll have to ask him:)

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