Monday, December 20, 2010

Have a very Morphy Christmas!

See what you can come up with:)

There comes a time when you just have to "stick a fork in it" and this is it. Some of the stuff I wanted to do I'm gonna hold of till 2.0. But for now Morpheus 1.0 is done and released. Now. 

Get it on the Morpheus project page as usual:)

Additions in this release pack:
  • The file I used to render the above teaser so you can get some ideas on how to push the customization stuff. Can't wait to see how you push it even more.
  • Latest head rig as always for those tinkerers out there
  • All necessary quick selects sets are in scene in a group so you don't have to worry about bringing them in when "tinkering"
  • Both release candidates in case you have animations referencing them
  • New finger/hand poses and new joints for more "meaty" poses.
  • Hand blendshapes
    • Accessible via the hand objects in the Morph-o-matic ui mode
  • Ear animation controls
  • Nose tip mover
  • COG prop space object and switching
  • Parts proxy mesh which enables you to turn off arms and legs and stuff - sorry it's a bit of a hack till I can completely modulize the rig
    • Accessible via the all_anim
  • Polished and pushed face poses (brows, eye squeeze)
  • TONS of fixes that I don't remember them all...:)

  • Rotation order fixes were made on the hand ik controls. It will gimp any ik hand keys you have so if you're in the middle of an animation and don't wanna deal with it. Use the last release rig.

What's next?

I'm gonna chill till new years and put together a plan of attack to try to gin up some remote rigging work and pushing my skillset in that area as well. Python shall be tamed in 2011!


Tim Bauer said...

This is such a great Christmas present! Thanks for puttin' together such a fantastic rig, it's very inspiring!

SatoruChinen said...

It's fantastic!Thankyou for sharing.
This is help me very much!

Jonimations said...

You are awesome, Josh :D Thanks for this! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too.

AndrewRoot said...

Josh, you are great!
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas:D !

2DMax said...

You´re the greatest guy on Earth! Awesome work Josh, and thanks for share it!
Merry Christmas!

Slinky3d said...


I Installed maya in my extern hard drive, and when I'm trying to find my local directory, it's telling me : F:\Slinky\Programs\Autodesk Maya\bin ... but when I put the Morphy files here, nothing happen in maya, even If I do Load Shelf ... Maybe Im not doing it correctly. How do you think I can install it?

Unknown said...

Thanks all:)

Slinky, I would think you're maya prefs files still reside in your my docs/maya etc section unless you're doing something really crazy. The files need to live with the rest of your prefs where Maya is looking for shelves, icons and scripts wherever that may be on your computer. Hope that helps:)

Slinky3d said...

Oh! I finally found how it worked! :) Now all is okay and readdy. :) Thanks you for your help. :)

Parm said...

wow!!you sir, are a saint.i cant imagine how much time you put into this but every second of it is highly appreciated.finally something for us poor self-studying animators. million thanks josh, merry Christmas and happy new year :)

Unknown said...

Wow!! Can't thank you enough for making such a great rig. Happy new year!!

Brad said...

Hi Josh,
Let me first thank you for the amazing rig! Animating with it is really a treat!
What I wanted to ask is if you would be kind enough as to potentially post some small quip with how inexperienced I am, along with a way to adjust the textures on Morphy. I'm not talking about your stock textures, but the ability to select the body mesh polys and adjust their UVs. I can't seem to select the mesh except by going through the outliner, but then am unable to select in component mode. Also, I created a snapshot of the body UVs and attempted to paint my own texture but it doesn't seem to map correctly. Is this an issue with the rig or my own shortcomings?
Thanks again, Josh! You're the best!

Unknown said...

Glad you're liking it Brad:)

I posted a blog post a while back on the selecting the mesh but should probably addendum the docs (I shall). In the meantime:
//turn off selectability
setAttr "hand_left_grp.overrideEnabled" 1;
setAttr "hand_right_grp.overrideEnabled" 1;

//turn on selectability
setAttr "hand_left_grp.overrideEnabled" 0;
setAttr "hand_right_grp.overrideEnabled" 0;

After that you should be able to mod the uv's and assign textures to your heart's content.

There is also a .psd in the texture stuff that has a snapshot already in it with the current UV setup.


Unknown said...

Oops..that was just for the hands, here's the rest:
setAttr "all_anim|Geo_grp.overrideEnabled" 1;
setAttr "FacialRig_grp|Geo_grp.overrideEnabled" 1;

//turn on selectability
setAttr "all_anim|Geo_grp.overrideEnabled" 0;
setAttr "FacialRig_grp|Geo_grp.overrideEnabled" 0;

Geoff King said...

Hey Josh, Great looking rig!
Is there any chance of having a .ma version so I can get it to work on a mac!? If its a .ma it is possible to make it compatible.

And i haven't been able to open it yet but is it possible to get access to all the characters from the pic? I'm not great at customising but these characters excite me! great posing

Unknown said...

Heya Geoff,

There were some node issues when I tried to save as a .mb but I can relook at it next week. However, I have lots of mac users and they seem to be getting it working okay. I've only gotten one email on a mac issue (maybe that was you...sorry don't remember the name off hand).

As to the other question. I included the scene file I rendered that image from so you're welcome to use any of them as a your base:)

Geoff King said...

Thanks Josh! I think the problem is that i'm using maya 8.5. Could that be it?
Well i'll keep trying as I really want to animate with this rig, hopefully for the next 11secClub. :)

Unknown said...

Maya 2009 and above:) That well could be it. Lemme know.

Geoff King said...

Yeah, it is. I found a button in file>open box that says 'ignore version'! It works! Couldn't find the other characters tho. Morphy now opens with attribute errors but seems animatable to me.

Thanks Josh:)

Unknown said...

That is an option some folks have used. Hope you don't run into any more errors. I just have to have a threshold of what to "support" as I already have 3 versions of maya installed and wanna keep that manageable for myself on checking stuff:)

Manasa said...

This is such a wonderful rig, Josh. Thanks so much for making it available to us.

Manasa said...

How do I make him bite his lip? I can't find a way to make him do that.

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