Thursday, January 6, 2011

Python Baby!

Digging in to Python on the tutelage of my good friend and Python Master Bokser. I have to say I have a lot of fun doing scripting and td stuff - it's so immediate in it's objectivity. It works or it doesn't. Me likee.

We're getting underway with what I am temporarily calling 'bbThingamarig'. At this point we're working on low level function building blocks.

Here's a snippit:
def setRotationOrderOnJoint (jnt, ro):
    #Checks for valid rotation order
    validRO = 'True'
    rotationOrderOptions = ['xyz','yzx','zxy','xzy','yxz','zyx']
    if not ro in rotationOrderOptions:
        print (ro + ' is not a valid rotation order. Skipping')
        validRO = 'False'
        cmds.joint (jnt, e=True, rotationOrder= ro)
    return validRO
I hope to share some fun news about Morphy in the next few days that should prove to provide even more goodies for the community. Good stuff.

What else is going proofing exterior pipes, training Atticus the super dog on a wireless fence and becoming more convinced that there is a national conspiracy that all barbers have to scalp me every time I grace a barber shop. Good times.

Hope everyone made some good resolutions that last longer than the month:) 


Scott Englert said...
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Scott Englert said...

Agh, my indentations don't work correctly but you get the picture :-)

Unknown said...

LOL...Scottie, I got like 5 messages from you:)

Thanks or the heads up. On the true return, Bokser asked for it but I'll forward your thoughts to see what he says.

Thanks for the advice as well!

Taber said...

I resolved to do 6 of the 12 11Second Club competitions this year!

Gonna be a challenge, but fun!

David G Latour said...

You can share the fun Morphy news from Ex'pression anytime Josh.

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