Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quick Morphy Tip (Selecting the mesh)...

Gotten a few emails on this and wanted to leave a quick tip on how to enable mesh selection on an unreferenced Morphy.

To turn on selectability, run this mel.

//turn on selectability
    setAttr "all_anim|Geo_grp.overrideEnabled" 0;
    setAttr "FacialRig_grp|Geo_grp.overrideEnabled" 0
To turn it back off, here's the alternative...
//turn off selectability
    setAttr "all_anim|Geo_grp.overrideEnabled" 1;
    setAttr "FacialRig_grp|Geo_grp.overrideEnabled" 1;
 Go, go Booleans!

Also, Semper Fi Devil Dogs. 235 years and still truckin. Any other fellow former Marine animators out there? I'm guessin it's a small club:)


franky said...

Thanks so much for these Josh :)


Unknown said...

Just wanted to say Semper Fi. I know at least 1 other marine. He works at Blue Sky. His name is Pete Paquette. I am a student at animation mentor and he is my mentor. I am former marine myself too. Anyway, cool rig! I am going to test it out over the winter break.

Unknown said...

No problem Ting:)

Joseph, glad to hear it man. I knew one other guy as SCAD who was a former Marine while I was there. Not sure where he ended up. Thanks for the interest in the rig, be sure to send me links to your anims when you're done. Hoorah!

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