Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Morphy 1.0 Plan of Attack...(it's a trap!)

So, got back this last weekend from a great gig with Sony in San Diego. Made a lot of new friends, ate great food, and saw the zoo! Coming back I'm gonna be putting a bigger focus on  rigging for the next little while as I think it'll offer more remote work opportunities.

So the first thing I wanna do is get the full Morphy 1.0 out the door. It's been so fun seeing what folks have been coming up with and a big thanks to the guys at 11 second club for putting Morpheus on the resources page. Took the last few days to relax and get caught up on errands but I've also been getting input from my closed Morphy testers on my list of stuff to fix and or add on the rig.

Here's a preview of what I'll be hoping to get done before a full 1.0 release. Wherever possible, I will make fixes in such a way that won't mess with any animation that's been done on the release candidate rigs.

  • Face - anyone (who's done some lip sync animation) having any trouble hitting anything? I wanna get back and test the brows especially when I can. Any input you can provide would be helpful.
  • Spine - Not thrilled with the fk funtion on the spine may want to revisit. Also want better hip isolation. Anyone else take issue?
  • Hands - 
    • Thumb weighting needs a lot of love especially in the webbing
    • Think the pinky side of the hand needs some more meat.
    • Add more range of motion on the thumb
  • Add - overall face squash and stretch control
  • Add - nose tip mover
  • Add - ear control? had a request for an ear animation control but not sure how I'd wanna do that. Anyone have any ear controls they like in a rig?
  • Fix - normals on the body and some hair are screwy. I know I fixed it but must have reverted to a previous version somewhere
  • Utility FIX - got a great tip from Tobias on a way to group quick select sets so I don't have to leave em out of the scene. Should help people's confusion when trying to do mods
  • Neck - wanna try to get less curve built in by default to make it behave a little more as expected
  • Fuctionality add - wanna add the ability to toggle of visibility on body regions. Had a couple of teachers request this
  • Add - easier to access joint squash/stretch settings
  • Add - scaleable feet
  • Add - settings saver script

After Morpheus is done, gonna start digging into Python. Woot!


marcelloalvarez said...

Hellou Josh, really thanks for share this amazing Morpheus project, you are awesome dude!!! I posted on my website :D : :D :D :D

Carles said...

For the moment it goes very well for me, and all the little things that could be improved seems that you will fix it on that newer version.

I think that ear control could be as simple as a little modifier like the one of UI plus scale.

Thx for share it, 'cause it works pretty well for me.

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