Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Moonbot Film Teaser!

This is the film I had the pleasure of working on back in August. Can't wait to see the final film. Check out the new project website here :)

Best of luck on the festival circuit, guys!


Tiago Rovida said...

Congratulations Josh! Awsome work you guys did! So much appeal! I´m really curious to watch the entire film! Best

Unknown said...

Thanks Tiago,

Just to be clear, all I did was animate about 15 seconds. It's always amazing seeing films transform from playblasts to renders. It's looking phenomenal.

AndrewRoot said...


Krzysztof Boyoko said...

Really beautiful work,
Made me want to see it :)

Dan Carey said...

Woah looking good! - did you do the rigging or animation Josh? - or maybe both? Its great to see these independent movies sprouting up! Nice work matey :D

Dan Carey said...

(would help if i read previous posts ;)

Unknown said...


aRTCy said...

Looks pretty cool! Bet you had fun on that one.

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