Monday, October 11, 2010

Morpheus 104 - The Shelf!

Just had a last minute gig land and so I'm gonna be away from the bat cave for awhile. This is the last vid I'll do for a bit but wanted to give a quick overview on the updated Morpheus shelf and script updates. I'm prepping the next release this afternoon so check back later this evening and it should be up. All kinds of updates. Check back lata!

Update - Found a bug I wanna squash before release. It'll be tomorrow. Sorry, peeps!


David Nilsson said...

Thanks Josh, great stuff as usual. Just one beginner question - if we would create a new haircut as you instructed, would there be a simple way for us to add that haircut as a default selection for the morpheus customgeo dropdown options?

Unknown said...

Hey David, Thanks. Tell you what. You send me a new hair cut for Morphy and I'll do you a tutorial;)

David Nilsson said...

Haha. Fair deal, I'll do my best one of these days.. I'm a lousy modeller though :)

Unknown said...

No worries man. I prolly won't get a chance to do it before leaving for my gig so the gist of it is you need to 1) add a new enum variable on hair attribute of the custom geo nurbs object, then 2) create a condition node with it's enum value (should be 13 if it's the first one you add) as it's "on" position 3) set it to "if this" value is 1, "if not" value is 0 and connect that output to the visibility of your new geo.

If that doesn't make sense, select that custom geo control object, open the hypergraph and map it's connections.

I'll still get you the vid when I can and you send me a toupee;)

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