Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Morpheus 103 - Blendshape That!

Quick demo on workflow for working with the facial rig blendshapes and some insights on connecting things up for those interested in lookin beneath the hood. 

Been sick the last few days so haven't been making as good of progress as I'd like but making some progress nonetheless. Bout done with the rig fixes and movin on to scripting. Woot!

Sorry for the stumbling through things in the vid a bit, like I said not feeling 100%.


mattanimation said...

I hate blendshapes for being such a bog to the rig, but those mouth shapes a beautiful, you might convert me!

Unknown said...

They're not horrible providing you delete them out in the rig the animator uses. When I connect the head rig to the body, I delete all of those along with all the custom geo blendshapes to keep the rig speedy.

I plan on having the full head rig by itself in the final release for the tinkerers:)

Back to scripting cave of doom...

Sean said...

That would be awesome if you would make that available. And I second the comment on how well your stuff deforms. I still struggle with modeling characters' faces. You have really nice, clean loops. Think you could ever make a vid on your approach to that? Keep up the awesome work!

ps. I finally found out how to make it say my name by the comments. ;) Its a small technical victory, but I'll claim them wherever I can.

Unknown said...

Hey Sean! Good to see your face again. Hope you're well. For some reason the pic didn't show up for me last time. Maybe you fixed that when you fixed up the "said thing" :)

As to your comment. Sure man. Frankly I don't worry about it at first until I'm happy with the look of the face. Then I go back and retopologize it in Silo for better deformation. I also tweak and tweak and tweak it till I'm really happy with it while I'm testing deformation in The Face Machine. If you wanna see how far ol' Morphy has come, check out this early post -

No, Josh that's not more appealing. That's one ugly dude:)

Looks like I'm going back to Cali this week for a several week stint so I'm racing this weekend trying to get the last of the next Morpheus rig release stuff done but I'll try to revisit this down the road.

Blessings friend.

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