Monday, September 27, 2010

Morpheus Release Candidate (first public one at least)...

Download on the Morpheus project page!

New wip docs are here.

Okay, peeps. It's time to get your test on. I'll start working on the "Intro to the rig vid" tomorrow.

Please note - This is NOT the final release version of Morphy. I'll be going through a series of release candidates until the rest of the major kinks are out before a full on "Morpheus Rig" release. As such, please don't point folks to the rig as a "done" rig if they're expecting everything to be done.

Still working on documentation but the rough pass is up here. You'll need to read it to get the shelf installed should you wanna look at that. It is not necessary for the rig to work.

The rig is pretty much feature complete. I'm not sure I can list all the changes since last time but I'll give it a ago:

  • Smoothers and visibility toggles are on "all_anim"
  • Facial Customization - some new options, polish on lots of stuff
  • Facial shapes - polish, added cat eye option on the pupil control
  • Final space switching options
  • Added in prop ik controls
  • You will need to have boTriggers installed. When you have your characters referenced into an animation scene, you'll need to:
    • Install boTriggers
    • type "boTriggers" in the command line. If nothing happens, go back to the previous step.
    • When the window pops up, go to advanced>update all triggers and all the trigger objects in scene and on the UI should work now
  • FK IK switching are right click menu's on the arrows over the hands and feet
  • Space switching where it exists is right click menu's on the respective controls (head, hands, feet, main eye)
  • UI - the ui is in and working. 
    • There is a UI cam that the UI is constrained to in a certain space mode (that will make sense after the vid). This is also so that you can easily have multiple characters in scene and not have UI's on top of eachother.
    • Select the outer UI "square" to toggle between modes
  • If you wanna turn off Squash and stretch for now, go to the anim expression editor and comment out any instances of "MorphySqshStrtch"
I'm looking for bugs and things not working over various versions of Maya. Support is only for Maya 2009 and above. I've personally tested multiple Morpheus' in a referenced scene file and all features are working for me in Windows 7 with Maya 2009, 2010 and 2011 so if you're using one of those and are having issue, take a look at the instructions again. When you send errors PLEASE include the following:
  • Maya version
  • OS
  • Detailed description of what happened
  • Screen grabs
If I don't individually respond to you or your issue. I'm probably 1) too busy fixing it already 2) have already answered the question in the FAQs or post 3) are planning on answering it in an upcoming vid or documenation

Have fun but know many of your questions will probably be answered after I finish the first video tutorial.  For now, I recommend staying away from doing body stretching customization stuff until I get a vid out as you'll need to understand how it is intended to work. You can however go to town on the body morphing

Things I'm still workin on (none of which should affect any animation tests you begin provided you use referencing):

  • Wrist twist issues
  • Gonna add a few more channels of movement on the lips but again, won't mess with your animation. You'll just have a bit more control.
  • Still need to clean up some stray nodes


Nate said...

Awesome job man, congrats on the first public RC!

Will be playing with it this week.

-Anthony Merola said...

Thank you so much for this! I am an animation student and good rigs are hard to come by. Thanks again!

Jason Fittipaldi said...

Awesome! Can't wait to play with him/her/it!

David Alvarez Carrascal said...

Great job! Absolutly stunning rig.
I have been playing with customization options, maybe I'm missing something but I would like to know if it's possible to shorten the neck. I can't find any control to do it.

Unknown said...

Nate, thanks man! Lemme know what you find that needs fixin:)

Anthony, your welcome. I was a student once myself and know exactly how you feel:)

Jason, glad you're excited!

David, yup. I'll go into detail on the vid for it but here's a quick breakdown. Grab his head control, move it down world y till you're happy with the new height. To make that your new "baseline", go to the Morphing mode on the ui select the neck and copy the value from the the current stretch to the baseline stretch. If my communication skills worked here, that should make that your new baseline and the neck will now squash and stretch from there. It's up to you to keep him on model though:)

David Alvarez Carrascal said...

Thank you Josh for the explanation. Now it's time for animation.

pink hippo said...

Hi, Josh !

I must say U have done an awesome job by creating this rig and moreover your willingness to give it away makes you super cool, I hugely appreciate your effort and looking forward to use Morpheus :)

Thanks a Ton Friend


Nelson Reyes said...

Amigo, por gav or no aplique texturas en mental ray porque es muy dificil de exportar la animacion, deja todo con un simple lambert para hacer un buen render en maya sofware. BUEN TRABAJO.
No fui capaz de aplicar la textura del cuerpo. Si pude aplicar la textura de la cabeza.

Unknown said...

Glad you followed that, David:)

Pink Hippo, glad you like it!

Nelson, Lo siento. Yo hablo muy poco español. Estoy usando traductor Google para escribir esto para mis disculpas si no tiene sentido. Si he entendido bien su pregunta, lo explico en el video me estoy preparando para subir. Si todavía no entienden y esto funciona como un dispositivo de traducción, hágamelo saber.

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