Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Morpheus 101 - The Basics....

Morpheus Rig 101 - "The Rig as Is" - you can also download this vid on Vimeo :)

Sorry for the delay on the vid. Been trying to catch up on errands - new glasses which hopfully made me a little less geeky, house cleanin for another batch of guests comin this weekend, mailing my aunt's shoes back to her who left them on accident last weekend, learning to operate a tractor a neighbor let me borrow, and pasture mowin (you know, the typical every day stuff :)

I'd best get all these vids done in the next 30 days as that's what Camtasia allows for a trial and I can't justify the cost of the software right now. However, I will say this - if I get enough donations to cover the cost I'll keep making them if they're helpful.

Next up for vids - "Morpheus Training: Making Morphy Your Own"


CANTrow said...

You're my hero

Kyle said...

Awesome man!

Brad Silby said...

Great, great, great stuff! Looking forward to working with it. I'm betting there'll be an abundance of reels using this next year!

Krzysztof Boyoko said...

This rig is certainly the best I've seen so far, it's got everything an animator can think of. Really awesome.
There's just one (very) little thing, I wonder if the range of movements for the corners of the lips could be increased. I've tried to get facial expressions like very big smiles but couldn't because of the limits of some of the mouth controls.
Thanks again for such a phenomenal work you've done.

Unknown said...

Ah shucks, Cantrow. Glad you like him:)

Thanks Kyle! Hope you're well and thanks again for the email introduction.

Brad, hope to seem him on yours:)

Krysztof, I'm not at all opposed to lookin at that however, I wanna make sure it's not a bug as the only folks who've mentioned similar weren't using the rig right or had a bug issue. There was a bug that someone sent me who for whatever reason wasn't getting full blend shapes using the controls and I never got second response from them to help trouble shoot it. So, if you'd help me with that we can see what's up. Put the emote controls full on tx and ty at 1/-1 values for a full frown and smile (lips closed), take a screen grab and send me that along with your maya version and os info. We'll get it ironed out. :)

franky said...

OMG this is so Awesome, wow Josh smh Thank you soooo much

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