Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cheers to Doublestein!

First off, just wanted to mention again that The Morpheus body rig is based off of John Doublestein's rig which you can download off of his site. It's been mentioned several times on my blog but most people don't read back that far or always catch the details. So, I'm making a whole post on it to make sure it's clear. I'm using his rigger (which you can download from his site). I'm also grateful that he's taken the time to answer a few of my questions as I've been working through some things. If you want a head start on Morphy functionality, go ahead and download the Andy rig from John's site or creative crash.  Morphy's body rig is pretty much the Andy rig with a new mesh and body morphing on the mesh (the head is a a tad different:)). Nothing exactly ground breaking. The only real variation on the body rig is I'm using a different hand rig (mainly from Jason Schleifer's Animator Friendly Rigging stuff).

My own rigging skills I'd place at intermediate and am stumbling my way through Morphy and learning lots. Most of my focus in school and after has been on animation though there's so much more competition in that area now that I wanted to build the rigging muscles. Just wanna make sure credit goes where due and John is certainly deserving a great deal. Learned loads from his rig and eyelid setup tutorial which I used and expanded for Morphy's eyelid setup and Squirrely's as well if memory serves.

Thanks, John!

Morphy Stuff...
Question to the void - Trying to figure out if I wanna do a picker/UI yet. At this point leaning towards a nurbs based one so you can scale it, constrain it, whatever rather than a seperate UI window. Thoughts?

I'm gonna try to release another body beta with the body morphing in it later this week so check back if you're interested.

Body Rig

  • Shoulder width widening/shrinking is in
  • Rerigged body after deciding I wasn't thrilled with some of my joint placements.
  • Fixes to some rotation order stuff that was causing some flipping out - (hat tip to Josh Bowman for that bug discovery and to David Bokser who gave me the insight in how to fix it as he had the same issue on our rigs for Garden City).
  • Mid Spine IK control is enabled
  • Initial implementation of squash and stretch in the limbs affecting the mesh. Still need to add a differential for when you want to create a new proportional baseline and not have it affect the squash/stretch. Pretty good idea how to do that.
  • Polishing on body morphs
  • Added one more section of roll joints in the limb segments
If anyone is offended by the google ad on the side, apologies. Just experimenting as the traffic has been just a wee bit up over the last week or so. :)

Nice, it picked up a Burton Snowboard ad. Alas, I'm not related to that Burton clan. Nor Tim. Shame.


Animetrik said...

I will be waiting last week to look at your gorgeous stuff. Keep rocking ;) I am visiting your site every day and i made morpheus images as a wallpaper i am a big fan of it :) You are making my dreams come true it will be very enjoyfull to animate a character like that

Unknown said...

Where can I download the Morpheus rig from?

Unknown said...

Thanks again Ugur:)

Joey, the full rig isn't available yet. You can get the last open beta body release here - or you can wait till later tonight or tomorrow for another open body beta. The facial rig is still closed beta though contributers have already gotten early access to it. I expect the full rig to be done sometime next month.

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