Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick skin is indeed fast....

Well, it's another hot one in Texas. Went for a jog with Atticus (the name of the dog with no name) and we were both panting when we finished up. Never really tried training a dog before and it's kinda fun - come and sit are pretty good and stay is coming along nicely.

My cousin Jon was here this weekend which as usual meant a game-a-marathon. He always has sweet board games and what not. He also introduced me to League of Legends (which I suck at) and we tried Torchlight as well. I'm a fan of the free to play and nice sized demo options. Also, my cousin is gonna be in an episode of The Good Guys (which I really enjoy) and Friday Night Lights. Very cool.

Back to Morphy...

  • Threw a quick mental ray quick skin shader on him just to see if I'm getting any weirdness in the smoothness of the deformation when rendered. Few areas to work on but the facial rig is close.
  • Finished up a first pass on the tongue rig and I'm pretty pleased with it.
  • Added about twice the range of motion on the jaw down and left right at the suggestion of a friend
  • Talked to another good friend Scott (whom just released a new push pull constraint for maya!) and he gave me some great ideas that I'm definitely going to try in the future if I can't get it crammed in to Morphy
  • There some deformation stuff I'm still not thrilled with. I'm gonna see about fixin that.
  •  I'll probably start working on a test animation soon to test it out before release.

For now, I just got a quick gig so I'll be setting ole' Morphy down for a bit. He'll be back before you know it:)

Again if you missed it in the above. Scott Englert just released a cool new constraint for maya, go check it out!


Animactor said...

Wow! compliments, compliments and compliments! This is really cool...I just can't wait to see it completed:)...

Matt Ornstein said...

Seriously Josh, this is looking amazing! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Lindsey said...

This is looking FANTASTIC!!! Can't wait to see more.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone:)

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