Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Couple of great shorts and an update (with Controls!)

Had a guy email me asking me to post a couple of animation with controls visible in the playblast. So here they are...

First off, here's a pretty close to final pass on the last (sequential shot) in my last Garden City sequence. Still not happy with a couple of things but waiting for notes from Bokser before hitting them up.

Secondly, here's the Squirrely animation which he'd specifically requested to see with controls.

Now for some really good stuff. It's getting to be the end of the year and that means lots of great student films. Best of luck class of 2010! Here's a few:

  • "Helium" by Daniele Zannone

  • "Crater Face" by Skyler Page

  • "A Bear Film" by Kris Anka

No this isn't a student film, it's a studio reel, but holy cow is this some amazing stuff...

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Animactor said...

Greatings, man! I like your animations and the bloking of your lady! This is very inspiring for me...

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