Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keane and a blue moon...

Great series of vids. Hat tip to my pal Kyle for the find.

The moon was so bright last night it was eerily awesome at 4 am. We live in the middle of nowhere now so there were NO outside lights to spoil the beautiful blue illumination. It was casting these sweet blue shadows on my back patio and the big old moon was just glowing there like a great big light bulb in the night sky. Shoulda got the pastels out.

Why was I up at 4am? Allergies, my friends. Gotta love em.

Got some good thinking done as I lay there surrounded by tissue paper on the couch (decided to not subject my wife to my sniffles if I could help it) and have some new ideas on the next project side of things to workout. This is if Garden City ever finishes.


David said...

good video. Where's the end?!

Unknown said...

Part 2

Part 3

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