Monday, March 15, 2010

Me vs AT&T....

Been fighting (and losing) a long hard battle with AT&T trying to first get phone service to the new house, an internet hookup (which thankfully landed last week), and now up to a decent connection speed. Fact - large facets of the cg community's internet sites are a chore to use at sub 600kps speeds. Don't know how many hours and days I've wasted so far, but I sure hope it can be rectified before too long. The thing is my neighbors have the very same service they say is unavailable to us all.

On to better things... Things have been crazy busy because of this and more. Finished up my second stint at Psyop last week and and expect to go back next month for another. Can't wait till I can show this last spot as it's a very interestingly stylized and cartoony spot. Should air next month.
In the meantime, been doing some horse riding with the Mrs., hopping back into Garden City for a few last shots and thinking through my next short. Also, looking forward to my family coming to visit this weekend. My wife, one of my nephews and I all share birthdays within a 4 day span. Crazy.... Here's a few cool things I've come across:
  • Absolutely love the look of this one. There's some elements that I'd like to try in my next short there.
  • And another with awesome style:
  • Behind the scenes look at a film that's been making the rounds. It's great to see how miniatures and stop motion are being played with coupled with CG.


Tyson Murphy said...

great finds, really inspiring. may AT&T die a slow death.

Unknown said...

Thanks man! Hey fantastic stuff you've been posting on your site. If your animation is half as good as your concept work, it'll be something else. Keep up the great work.


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